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  1. I'm positive my code is correct with the exception of my implementation of multiplayer functionality with the tracker bots. I'm following this course closely, I can't say i understand the way controllers work in C++ just yet, but i have an understanding that the code which controls my character is located within the Character.cpp and header of that. I appreciate the help alot, So i have to learn how to make a controller class then? Would you be able to tell me why this is the case? why controllers in C++ have to be separated from the character? I will check this videos out thankyou, much appreciations
  2. I re-installed the Unreal Engine and this fixed the issue. I don't know what a DLL is or how to use tools updater script. I don't have a Controller set up in the unreal engine, I'm still very much learning, but i feel comfortable with most of the terms and how to operate in the unreal engine with c++. Tom Said that there might be an Override function that isn't calling it's Super::MyFunction, which i could not find. He said that the character is automatically server implemented. But i am using different movement code in my Character.cpp to him. The thing i am trying to get my head around is that i am adding Code to the AI "TrackerBot" but that is somehow effecting my Character which seems odd to me. I am going to try some different things and see what works best. I am trying to avoid my code from becoming messy, i also can't do damage to these tracker bots for some reason, but i think i can fix that. My character works fine on the client side of things. I appreciate the help hplus0603
  3. Hello everyone, I appreciate any help i can get. So i recently started getting this message listed bellow in visual studio when i would compile any game i have for UE4.23.0. 1>EXEC : [1/28] error : Unable to create child process I have no idea how to fix this, and also i really don't want to have to set all the classes again in a new project. Second thing is that i can not move my Character on the Sever when testing multiplayer after adding "Role = ROLE_Authority" to sections in an AI Tracker bot class that i created as a part of Tom Loomans Course on Udemy. I am not following Tom Loomans course 100%, Do i need to add sever implementation to my character because i am using different movement code then what Tom uses? I Am happy to share some screen shots if needed. Please help, thankyou for your time.
  4. Yes Yes! here we go! I finished the code, just letting you guys know. this is what works. I had to make 3 FTImerHandles to make it work though. PlayerInputComponent->BindAction("GoInvisible", IE_Pressed, this, &AOmniCharacter::GoInvisible); void AOmniCharacter::GoInvisible() { if (!(GetWorldTimerManager().IsTimerActive(InvisibilityHandle2)) && !(GetWorldTimerManager().IsTimerActive(InvisibilityHandle)) && !(GetWorldTimerManager().IsTimerActive(InvisibilityHandle3))) { GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(InvisibilityHandle, this, &AOmniCharacter::StopInvisibilty, InvisibilityStop, false); GetInvisibleMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); GetMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); } else if (GetWorldTimerManager().IsTimerActive(InvisibilityHandle)) { GetWorldTimerManager().ClearTimer(InvisibilityHandle); GetWorldTimerManager().ClearTimer(InvisibilityHandle3); GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(InvisibilityHandle2, this, &AOmniCharacter::ResetVisibility, InvisibilityCooldown, false); GetInvisibleMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); GetMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); } } void AOmniCharacter::StopInvisibilty() { if (!(GetWorldTimerManager().IsTimerActive(InvisibilityHandle2))) { GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(InvisibilityHandle3, this, &AOmniCharacter::ResetVisibility, InvisibilityCooldown, false); GetInvisibleMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); GetMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); } } void AOmniCharacter::ResetVisibility() { } Much appreciation everyone
  5. Hey so i Figured out how to make this code work the way i want it to, but i have 1 minor issue left. The issue i have now is that I want the PlayerInput to be "pressed" for both of these, but if i do that they conflict with the code shown below. I will show you guys what i have so far. So close to having this finished i really appreciate all the help. To simplify i want the controls to work like (press "1" to go invisible, press "1" to Become Visible while invisible) PlayerInputComponent->BindAction("GoInvisible", IE_Pressed, this, &AOmniCharacter::GoInvisible); PlayerInputComponent->BindAction("GoInvisible", IE_DoubleClick, this, &AOmniCharacter::GoVisibleWhileInvisible); void AOmniCharacter::GoInvisible() { if (!(GetWorldTimerManager().IsTimerActive(InvisibilityHandle2)) && (!(GetWorldTimerManager().IsTimerActive(InvisibilityHandle)))) { GetInvisibleMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); GetMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(InvisibilityHandle, this, &AOmniCharacter::StopInvisibilty, InvisibilityStop, false); } } void AOmniCharacter::GoVisibleWhileInvisible() { if (GetWorldTimerManager().IsTimerActive(InvisibilityHandle)) { GetWorldTimerManager().ClearTimer(InvisibilityHandle); GetInvisibleMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); GetMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(InvisibilityHandle2, this, &AOmniCharacter::ResetVisibility, InvisibilityCooldown, false); } } void AOmniCharacter::StopInvisibilty() { { GetInvisibleMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); GetMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(InvisibilityHandle, this, &AOmniCharacter::ResetVisibility, InvisibilityCooldown, false); } } void AOmniCharacter::ResetVisibility() { }
  6. I appreciate that a tonne Andi, I will give it a go thankyou for your time.
  7. I tried this method i believe i wrote it correctly, where it says "If(!GetWorldTimerManager().IsTimerActive(InvisibilityHandle, this, &AOmniCharacter::TryStopInvisibility, Invisible, true))" within the brackets it says that it needs to be a boolean statement.
  8. Yes i agree with you, Yeah i was wrong earlier i thought they ran side by side before. But they are sequential as you said before. I think we are on same page, i am going to try Andi's method, this could be what i am looking for. Hey Andi, i will try your method, what you wrote seems to simplify things. Thanks for your reply to i appreciate all the feedback and help. PlayerInputComponent->BindAction("GoInvisible", IE_Pressed, this, &AOmniCharacter::GoInvisible); PlayerInputComponent->BindAction("GoInvisible", IE_Pressed, this, &AOmniCharacter::GoVisibleWhileInvisible); void AOmniCharacter::GoVisibleWhileInvisible() { if (VisibilityNegate == false) { GetWorldTimerManager().ClearAllTimersForObject(this); GetInvisibleMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); GetMesh()->ToggleVisibility(); GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(InvisibilityHandle2, this, &AOmniCharacter::ResetInvisibilitySpell, InvisibilityCooldown); } } i tried this along with my original code on the first post, but it doesn't work. I thought this made sense but it totally ignores the timer and confuses the input and makes timers and input out of wack. I also added a new Ftimerhandle here. This is just to show you guys what my current understanding of C++ is like, so bare with me
  9. Here is a link to that video, it should be obvious which video it is. I am going to do some more code towards this today hopefully find a solution. I will neaten up the code to so i better understand it myself. I am really unsure how to do this, like if i wanted to become visible from invisible anytime i choose then would that be a "if" statement, or should the code be separate? https://www.facebook.com/NextLevelEntertainmentX
  10. I think it is one second i will check, I don't have great editing software but i will make a short video and upload it to my dev page on facebook and put the link here. it should work sequentially but it doesn't seem to. I will do that today, i just woke up
  11. Your right, about the bullet drop, if you only plan to make a close quarters game. I am a very big gears of war fan, Cover systems are fun when they save your life. I always appreciate having dash or dodge movement in shooter games. I get your point about cover systems turning things into a static shooter. Depends what your working towards, i am working on a magic RTS-3PS Game so i like things being far away from realism mostly. So many times in pubg i wish i could have dove to cover, even if i don't stick to it like in GOW.
  12. Thankyou for your reply Albert, I will make a video soon and upload a link here it will be a better explanation. I thought about having 1 timer, but i can't because i need 1 time set for the character to become visible from invisible, and i need another time set for a cooldown, so the character/player can't become invisible straight away again. I wrote in a reply to Zak that i am new to coding and used Code i got from a character dash movement tutorial. You are right i should clean up the structure, i was thinking about that a few minutes ago. I Understand most of this code, having a bit of trouble with the parameters, which i believe are the things inside of the ()brackets. Please note, i am new to C++ but am doing it fulltime. I appreciate your reply Albert
  13. It's hard to explain, thanks for being patient with me. So i can't actually say for sure that my timers are the best setup, but the InvisibilityStop is the timer which determines how long you stayed invisible for but the cooldown timer seems to run at the same time as the invisibilitystop timer, they use the same FTimerHandle. I'm very new to all this. So yeah i think the cooldown runs at the same time, or very close to that . I copied the timer code i got from a "Dash" tutuorial i followed. It may not be the best way for timers. i have in the constructor InvisibilityStop = 5.f; InvisibilityCooldown = 6.f; I really appreciate this man
  14. also you may have noticed i have 2 meshes, Invisiblemesh has a completely transparent material attached so you appear invisible with a shadow too.
  15. Thank you for your reply Zak,, Yes you are right VisibilityNegate is a boolean, true or false, I was experimenting with different types of code so VisibilityNegate worked for me, yes it is a visibility flag. When i said i don't wish to tie in this spell to a mana system, i am just saying that i don't want the invisibility to have anything to do with mana drain. I just said it in case. It's not important really. All i want is to appear "visible" whenever i appear "invisible", any time i choose during "Invisibility being active". But the consequence of going visible will be that you will have to wait until you can go invisible again. Simply put. I also want that consequence i mentioned earlier to work in a way where "if i choose to go visible while invisible, i will have to wait for a timer which is equal to the difference of the cooldown timer i have. so lets say i "goInvisible" the cooldown timer goes for 5seconds, at 2 seconds i go visible, so now i have to wait 3 seconds. or if i choose to go visible at 4seconds into the cooldown timer, i will have to wait 1 second before i can go invisible again. Much appreciation Zak, also i have a (stopInvisibility) timer too so that has to be cleared when going visible, but i think i know how to do that.
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