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  1. If you are blaming your player for not reading your tutorial instead of accepting your system could be simpler or more intuitive, then you have an even longer way to go. Good luck.
  2. Definitely release to early access (if at all), it's no where near release ready as I'm sure you know. You've still got a lot of work to do. Anyone who downloads your game expecting a finished and polished product will be really disappointed. The tutorial needs work, I picked a random place on the map and was surrounded by raptors and I don't know if it was bugged but I had no way to attack them. The first step to craft a torch, find a cave? Where... Why not make it a bit easier? In Satisfactory I press a button and it literally points me in the direction i need to go. I'm not really sure what the USP is, typical block building with smaller blocks is not that unique to be honest. And Minecraft mods have multiple planets, many more biomes, etc... Quests are nice but Planet Explorers had them so it's hardly the first time in a game as claimed in your promotional material, and Portal Knights of course has them in a far more polished way. Anyway, as for the trailer don't just spend a day on it, spend a week, make it look as good as possible and really show off what is unique and most exciting about your game out of all the current features. Are there some really cool quests coming? Show them off. Are there some really amazing environemnts? Show them off too. Build some awesome creations with the tools you have made and make sure to show them off. Just make them look as beautiful as possible because to be honest in my 10 minutes playing the game nothing really wowed me, I'm not sure why I should continue. Past that figure out your target audience, Minecraft players, Starbound players, find the youtubers and streamers which play those games and target them. As you say there's no shortage of advice out there on how to write e-mails to them so follow that.
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