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  1. ...if you can, then you are Awesome! And maybe you want to draw some Might Dwarfs? ...or more Dragons? Currently I'm looking for a concept artist who likes fantasy words and is willing to spend some spare time on making fancy sketches for a card game. feel free to contact me here or on discord: vvoodenboy#3207 Cheers, V.
  2. vvoodenboy

    Mighty Dragons here! (card game concept)

    Sorry, but there's no document which can be described as GDD... yet List of cards is also constantly changing, because there are still some decisions about core mechanics which has to be made. Yes, I've played / read / look at existing card games on the market. I came from Mtg (played with brakes since 1998... to 2015-ish), then Warhammer, Heartstone, Spellweaver for a short period of time, read through Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, L5R, LotR, GoT... recently Artifact and KeyForge... So I think did (kind of) market research on that subject but still I know that there are plenty more titles to be picked up. Right now I examine and re-arrange core mechanics, which means: I'm trying get rid of all unnecessary parts to see which key components are actually making The Game
  3. Greetings! Chaotic-neutral, rogue designer is looking for a merry companions to form a fellowship during game-development journey. He has a concept for a TCG and an urge to release it. Currently the project is in a paper-prototype-testing-tweaking stage. There is no concrete schedule since there are some opened questions regarding core mechanics... Game's IP is more-less-fantasy-with-mighty-dragons and OFC is totally a very-original-game-changing-idea... totally! ...with dwarfs! ...and dragons! So if you are keen to take this challenge and you have lvl 6+ skills in (and/or): Drawing (much much wanted) Coding (much wanted) Design (wanted) you may want to post some details about your interest in this project. This long-and-dangerous journey begins in Cambridge, UK. Best regards, V
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