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  1. billybuddha

    Game with 2D and 3D

    can anyone think of a game that transitions from either a 2D platform style or 2D tilemap-based game to a 3D first-person perspective?
  2. billybuddha

    Game with 2D and 3D

    I'm just starting to learn to program and am thinking of a story and how to present it. I thought it would be unique to combine 2D and 3D...maybe use Unity to accomplish that. Now seeing that it would not be totally unique is still ok, but I need to learn from similar games. I would like to continue research into any other previous games that have used this strategy, and would like more input of similar game titles. thank you
  3. billybuddha

    Game with 2D and 3D

    Hi all... I'm starting development of a mobile game, and am wondering if there is or ever has been any game that has combined 2D and 3D into the same game. I'm not talking about a game that transitioned from an earlier 2D version into a later 3D version. I'm talking about a game that perhaps starts as a 2D game, then after a certain level of achievement, changes into a 3D game, or vice versa., or combines the two styles simultaneously somehow. Thanks for your help
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