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  1. dMn420

    How to make main menu in pygame ?

    Sorry I completely forgot to reply, but this is the code for mouse position and event for it if event.type == pygame.MOUSEBUTTONUP: mx, my = pygame.mouse.get_pos() if mx > 10 and mx < 150 and my > 10 and my < 20: done = True break if mx > 10 and mx < 150 and my > 100 and my < 120: pygame.quit() sys.exit()
  2. I'm doing well with my first game that I'm making and I had no problem with understanding, how to do something but now, I don't even have a clue about How to accelerate my character. def move(rect, movement, tiles): collision_types = {'top': False, 'bottom': False, 'right': False, 'left': False} rect.x += movement[0] hit_list = collision_test(rect, tiles) for tile in hit_list: if movement[0] > 0: rect.right = tile.left elif movement[0] < 0: rect.left = tile.right collision_types['left'] = True rect.y += movement[1] hit_list = collision_test(rect, tiles) for tile in hit_list: if movement[1] > 0: rect.bottom = tile.top collision_types['bottom'] = True elif movement[1] < 0: rect.top = tile.bottom collision_types['top'] = True return rect, collision_types player_movement = [0, 0] if moving_right == True: player_movement[0] += 2 if moving_left == True: player_movement[0] -= 2 player_movement[1] += vertical_momentum vertical_momentum += 0.3 if vertical_momentum > 3: vertical_momentum = 3 player_rect, collisions = move(player_rect, player_movement, tile_rects) if collisions['bottom'] == True: air_timer = 0 vertical_momentum = 0 else: air_timer += 1 display.blit(player_img, (player_rect.x - scroll[0], player_rect.y - scroll[1])) for event in pygame.event.get(): # event loop if event.type == QUIT: pygame.quit() sys.exit() if event.type == KEYDOWN: if event.key == K_RIGHT: moving_right = True if event.key == K_LEFT: moving_left = True if event.key == K_UP: if air_timer < 6: vertical_momentum = -5 if event.type == KEYUP: if event.key == K_RIGHT: moving_right = False if event.key == K_LEFT: moving_left = False screen.blit(pygame.transform.scale(display, WINDOW_SIZE), (0, 0)) pygame.display.update() clock.tick(60) (initial speed is 2 player_movement[0] += 2). I'm thinking about doing it like - > add 0.1 speed every 0.1 second or every 1 tick so it smooth and make it maximally reach to 5. I was looking at car related games but they are to different.
  3. dMn420

    How to make main menu in pygame ?

    Oh, ty for the edit. I see how it works. Finally I have even more code to play around 😆
  4. dMn420

    How to make main menu in pygame ?

    I fixed the q key 😉 but I don't understand How do I dispay main menu image before the game. This is the code that reads map in my .txt file from my folder. def load_map(path): f = open(path + '.txt', 'r') data = f.read() f.close() data = data.split('\n') game_map = [] for row in data: game_map.append(list(row)) return game_map game_map = load_map('map') so do I need to replace this ↓ with code that reads my .jpg file ? choice = input(""" B: Login Q: Logout Please enter your choice: """)
  5. I was trying to do main menu that shows up on the screen, so when I would press q it gets me into the game ( becuse I'dont know How to make buttons yet ) but it displays in the console. def main(): menu() def menu(): choice = input(""" B: Login Q: Logout Please enter your choice: """) if choice == "B" or choice == "b": login() elif choice == "Q" or choice == "q": sys.exit else: print("You must only select B") print("Please try again") menu() def login(): pass main() Also when I press Q/q It opens the game so sys.exit doesn't work. If you know How can i display this message on the screen or make buttons I will be really gratefull. 👌
  6. I’ve fully used this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q7tmIlXROg&t=124s So the code is the same as his ( download in description) and I wanted to go further with it and get to map-making with I really like but first of all, I need some more mechanics. I’ve actually asked Him How to do it and I fully understand that https://imgur.com/a/kw4iAAx same with dash with would simply be the player moving like twice speed in x direction but I don’t know How to write it down. 1 line of code will really help and I will really appreciate if you get me more depth on Why you did it that way so I don’t have to keep asking questions about it. 👌
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