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  1. ThorMalleuson

    Octree vertices lag

    You got it. Just as you posted I was reading this blog post that you may be interested in (it is C#, but may also hold true for JavaScript). https://jacksondunstan.com/articles/3860
  2. ThorMalleuson

    Octree vertices lag

    Ok. For the scaling then, multiply the vertices by the scale at initialization time, that will save you 300,924 multiplications every update too.
  3. Use the time since the game started in seconds. t = 0 when the game starts. If you send a packet at 20Hz, the next time will be t = 0.05 (just a gross example)
  4. ThorMalleuson

    Octree vertices lag

    Not familiar with JavaScript, but if this were C++ this is where I see bottlenecks. You are creating and allocating memory on the heap inside of a loop (100308 times). You are using a string to look something up three times (three string compares 100308 times). You are multiplying a scalar every time (does that.world_scale change a lot?). You are pushing the vertex object into an Array() - not sure with JavaScript, but there could be additional copy and allocations as the Array grows. After the loop you then make a copy of the Array to node.geometry.vertices - this too could be an additional allocation. Memory stuff is slow, string compares are slower. You may want to try a Structure of Arrays instead of Arrays of Structures to avoid CPU cache misses. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AoS_and_SoA
  5. I don't have particular beefs with any programming language, just some of the people that do the programming. 1) Everything must be Object Oriented / everything is an object. Stop trying to model the real world in your code. All software does is transform data from one form to another, the CPU doesn't care about clever static structures. y = f(x): your code is the 'f' part. Make those transformations as tight and performant as possible. 2) Interface classes everywhere. This code doesn't really do anything useful except provide more indirection for data transformations. 3) You are only agile if you do SCRUM. I guess the SCRUM consultants have really excelled with their marketing efforts. Every project is unique, adapt your development process to the project rather than being dogmatic about your process. THAT is being agile!
  6. ThorMalleuson

    Friend Foe identification

    Or better, an uneasy alliance between two groups.
  7. What is the salary range?
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