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  1. I just had a thought, and I don't know how I feel about it ethically. Right, so imagine a free game. Good game, you play the game, it's a fun game. But, you can buy DLC. We'll say there are 4 expansion packs (picture Blood and Wine, Hearts of Stone, etc). In each of these is a thing you can find, like a secret key. If you get all 4 keys, then you can unlock a secret expansion pack. And it wouldn't be advertised anywhere. It would be a total secret (until the internet grabs a hold of it of course). Kind of acts as a little gift to the people who supported the game from the original through all the DLC. Naturally I can see people getting mad at it, but I feel like this would be a pretty cool thing to do. What do you guys think?
  2. This first blog post is going to be one big catch-up, because I was not aware of this website when we started the company. I've been looking ways to spread the word about our studio and the games we are making, and so here I am, and here are all the links to everything we've done so far. I'm a bit busy working on stuff for the game we are currently polishing (skip to Devlog 4 and 5 for info on that game) so this post isn't going to be super detailed, and will rely mostly on the links. Future posts will be better. Devlog 1 (Welcome to Dapper Rabbit): https://youtu.be/ueWAMbLDIac Devlog 2 (What to expect from the YouTube Channel): https://youtu.be/flgS0BXcRHM Devlog 3 (1): https://youtu.be/qP9zuw-ItHk Devlog 4 (2): https://youtu.be/T5QM4avdzAU Devlog 5 (3): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lklRY1SkvFo Devlog 6 (4): https://youtu.be/x2ERzP4Q6Qo Devlog 7 (5): https://youtu.be/6RX7fmkrwWg Prototype 1: https://dapperrabbit.itch.io/botanical-alchemist Prototype 2: https://dapperrabbit.itch.io/backrooms-level-0 | https://gamejolt.com/games/backroomslvl0/422804 Prototype 3: https://dapperrabbit.itch.io/viva-la-cerda | https://gamejolt.com/games/VivaLacerda/424349 Prototype 4(The game that we are going to polish. These are the links to the prototype we made for it): https://dapperrabbit.itch.io/night-guardian | https://gamejolt.com/games/Nightguardian/425736
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