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  1. Jackrin

    Little Help for an AI/Bot for a game

    Thanks for replaying, imma follow your tip.
  2. Hi guys, it's been some weeks since i started to think to create an AI for a mobile game that i play, which can be played on PC as well so that i can use softwares The problem is that i'm not really into "AI stuff" so i really don't know where to start, or how can my AI do what i want it to do. In this first post i just want some tips about something my AI should do. I'm not going to tell you all the game, because i prefer not to, and i think is not necessary either. Ok so, one of the things my AI should do is this: Recognise the map, the border of the map (basically the area where i can tap), it should recognise all the defenses in the map (which you can see, because you see the whole area from above), Just this for now, i don't really know how the AI can recognise all the different defenses in the area just by seeing them, and it need to be a precise thing, we are talking about millimiters. Maybe the AI can recreate the map in its software, but i don't know if im saying something right, so i'm just gonna leave this to you, hopefully someome will clarify thing to me. Thanks. Edit: just thought about the fact that i could even recreate the map by hand, with an ipotetic software with all the defenses and stats
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