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  1. What I'm Looking For: I'm a professional game developer by day, but would like to work on something more personal and make some indie connections. The small scope doesn't necessarily have to be the final product, just the release version so that it gets shipped. Ideally I would be working alongside an artist who's a generalist (either 2D or 3D) so that we can cover the bare requirements for making a game, would love to work with someone in sound as well. A couple preferences of mine: - No atmospheric horror games - We work together to come up with a concept we both/all can get behind - A high level timeline would be great About Me: - I'm experienced in both C#/C++, Unity, Unreal, custom game engines - Done DevOps work for automating build pipelines and deployment - Stack for this was Java, Python, Perl, JavaScript - Released two titles and working on two more (professionally) Pitches: If you already have some ideas about the project and just need an engineer, you can pitch your idea in a DM when/if you reach out. If you have anymore questions about me, feel free to reach out. Looking forward to hearing from the community. Cheers. *Side Note: I'm in a mini-crunch at work right now for a demo build, so I'll contribute mostly on weekends until late August.
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