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  1. I've been using Dear ImGUI so far, but it doesn't have a reskinning option, so i think it's not that good if you want to ship your product, and doing some research i end up mostly with outdated libraries or ImGUI So, what y'all use to create your game GUI / What you think it's the best anything to create one with DX11?
  2. I've decided that i'd learn DirectX 11 and got Frank D. Luna DX11 book. The problem is that it uses the old and deprecated 2010 SDK. Theory and math there is great, and i'll probably keep it to learn about rendering in general, but when it comes to implementing things that the problems comes (and well, if it's just for theory i can read it and learn another API with more coding covered to get the job done). The way things are done in this book are quite old, and after a few days studying it and reading other another tutorial(which is up-to-date, but has a pay-wall to keep reading and doesn't cover much after the classic Hello Triangle) and searching several places i were able to finish the classic Hello Triangle. All other places i've found seem to be books that has the same problem: They're old and not updated(but i haven't bought all of them to be sure, but i just don't have the money to do so) ; are shady and don't cover much or are from msdn, which is not the best place to learn, but it's something.. ( I also JUST found this series on youtube before creating this post. There is quite a lot videos in this playlist, so i haven't checked them all, but reading is much better to learn for me) . It's not like there isn't good resources available, but most of them seem outdated or just don't cover much. the reason i've decided to seek help here is because OpenGL seems to have much, MUCH more resources to learn, from sites m blogs, videos, engine tutorials, etc, and are all quite easy to find (The resources i've got for DX took me a 1-3 days to gather, from start to now after having some problems) and the OpenGL stuff that i've found seem to cover just the same as the DX11 material i've gathered, but got it with a 5min google search... A major reason i've decided to not use OpenGL when i was starting was because i've heard that it has some problems with drivers ( your code is not guaranteed to work the same in every device ) and it kinda scared me, so i've decided to go with DX instead. Since my target for what i plan to build would mostly use Windows, I took it as a reason to use DX instead, but i'm now questioning: Is it really true? Am I really likely to find get this problem later? My small vacation will end next week, so i won't have all the free time available to me to do my research and keep learning DX slowly as i am right now, and it seems unnecessary afterall... So, is there some good and up-to-date materials for DirectX 11 available? If not, should i just switch to OGL and stick with it, since i haven't done much so far? Will i really have a better, easier time finding material to study rendering with OGL rather than DX11, or is just my frustration telling me to switch?
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