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  1. TheRoad

    How difficult is it to make programs?

    Yes, this is a very thorny way, because the programming is very extensive, there is no framework. To recommend? There's not much I can tell you, since I went to University, but you can try to take some courses. I just live in England so which ones I can't tell you. And for what purpose do you want to learn? If you just need some kind of program, I can advise you to just turn to professionals https://www.effectivesoft.com/ . But in any case, programming is quite an interesting thing.
  2. TheRoad

    Racing game i am working on

    Adventures of the evil frog
  3. Thanks a lot. It was a problem for me too.
  4. TheRoad

    Racing game i am working on

    Did you come up with a name for the game? Looks interesting.
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