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  1. Greg DAlessandro

    Gameplay Programmer?

    Yes I do, and yes a BA in Science ( Game Art & Animation degree )
  2. Greg DAlessandro

    Gameplay Programmer?

    I didn't realize that tech artists are different than programmers. I thought it was an umbrella term to describe non visual art game developing. This is what I meant when I said tech artist earlier, "a gameplay programmer focuses more on a game's strategy, implementation of the game's mechanics and logic, and the "feel" of a game."
  3. Greg DAlessandro

    Gameplay Programmer?

    I believe that the position that I want to become is called a gameplay programmer, but I don't know if this is a specialized role, or if this is just a small part of the responsibilities that are split between tech artists. It probably depends on the studio size and if it is a AAA developer, but can this be something that I can specialize in and only/mostly deal with? Thank you.
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