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  1. Irrelevant

    Played Battlezone?

    Heck yes, Battlezones! ...I don't suppose you know anyone who has recreated the feel of the original in a more-moddable engine? Nothin' like Golem + blast cannon + acrobatics. I was a big fan of WZ2100, too. If anyone hasn't heard already, it went open source. @OP: Why asketh thou?
  2. Irrelevant


    Man! I wish I'd got ahold of you (hamster) a few months ago (when I was in Redmond)! Now I'm on the other side of the country and don't know anyone with the same interests. Unless anyone reading this happens to be in central NC these days... :D
  3. Irrelevant

    Red Cross: No more health pluses in games.

    YES, MINE *...waits for the link to change to something embarrassing*
  4. Irrelevant

    Red Cross: No more health pluses in games.

    How about we just make games where no one gets hurt? Anyway, who cares? Unless they come after you with a lawsuit (and if you're really badass, even then), why worry?
  5. Irrelevant

    Hyperdrives activated: 5 years

    Didn't see a link to the paper, so here ya go. I need to brush up on some math...
  6. Irrelevant

    Today is f'in awesome... (new pics)

    Quote:Original post by AnonymousPosterChild 1. Speed 2. Energy 3. Ever get shot in the kneecaps? All engineering problems WELL within the expertise of your favorite internet forum! We can just put huge-ass armor plates over the knees if that's a problem (who knows how to make boron carbide?). Or, just make the knees really really strong to begin with. Or, as in that first drawing, the joints could be shielded from most ranged LoS weapons by the angles at which the legs are arranged. Anyway, that seems like the least of the problems. We need: 2. Mass quantities of on-demand power (without the burden of heavy or dangerous fuel) 1. structure that won't fail when subjected to the power surges required for totally sweet movement I'm working on the energy problem (rest assured, world!), someone else'll have to take over in the mechanical department (all I've got is hydraulics (holy crap my face just got pressure-washed), pneumatics (in space, no one can hear you using pneumatics.. because YOU CAN'T! (or can you?)), electromagnets (walking car-paper), ether (unpredictable), and synthetic muscles). Man. I'm taking this off topic/being pushy. I'll cool it now. Back to the topic! I think it's fantastic what you guys are doing. Keep on awesoming.
  7. Irrelevant

    Today is f'in awesome... (new pics)

    Quote:Original post by AnonymousPosterChild Sure, if turtles had wheels and guns. I have seen turtles with swords, nanchuku, staffs, and sai. I've also seen one the size of a city block flying with radioactive rockets. But no wheels or guns (they didn't need them (they are round, and they (well, one) had swords)). Anyway, why don't you go bipedal? I'm out of my league here, but man: if you're going to build something, don't leave out the awe part of awesome. If going all wheely is because of technical problems, then hell, we're (mostly) young and smart and full of testosterone, let's figure it out. GameDev engineers to the rescue!
  8. Irrelevant

    Today's a sad day for electronic music

    Hear ^ that, CoffeeMug? Your opinion is WRONG!
  9. Irrelevant

    Annoying pressure in the ear

    Plug your nose and inhale?
  10. Irrelevant

    Is this worth it? Suggestions?

    I got a IBM TP 600E (400MHz PII, 360MB RAM, but only 6GB HD) off of eBay, for $200, shipping included. Great condition, came with a wireless card, battery only lasts an hour, but I'm plugged in most of the time anyway. Ran XP fine, but I prefer 2k. Been great for the month or so I've had it. So, you can definitely do better.
  11. Irrelevant

    Melting metal is...awesome... [UPDATE--Pics+Movies]

    metal casting in your own back yard
  12. Irrelevant

    Melting metal is...awesome... [UPDATE--Pics+Movies]

    That kicks. Have you looked into sand casting? I've been meaning to do some work with aluminum (namely, a custom laptop case), but haven't found a place to do it yet. I don't think Pops wants to risk me melting holes in his back yard :/
  13. Irrelevant

    I don't like computers

    I've been casually writing a small operating system because I was so fed up with all the random crap on others. And I'm finding I want to make my own CPU for the same reason. And I predict that when I start making my own CPU, I'm going to find random crap in the laws of nature, which means I'm going to have to be God to be happy. Praise to me, amen. Or, I could just go be a hermit.
  14. Irrelevant

    This mp3 player is a bit too big.

    I want to take it apart REALLY bad.
  15. Irrelevant

    so it's the end of june.. and still no draft

    Of course, that all might change should there be another "terrorist" attack.
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