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  1. Arcadiaa

    Language Programming (Game)

    Thanks for the tip. I am learning at the moment and trying manage to a very simple code to make my character move forward and backwards and jumping.
  2. Arcadiaa

    Language Programming (Game)

    Hello again, First, thanks a lot once again for taking the time to reply and for your input. I started with C#; from de very basic "Hello Wolrd" and such 😅, so I will see where it leads me. Long ago I used to programm on C++, Pascal and Delphi, it has been too long but I suppouse logics stays. I will continue with learning the basics but I will also see if I can find something more game oriented too, something not too dificult that helps me understand certains aspects and the mechanics of a simple game, I want to see if I can make a simple stick character move.
  3. Arcadiaa

    Language Programming (Game)

    Thanks a lot for your advice. Well, I will pick C# because it seems the most friendly specially for people who are just starting. I am searching for tutorial myself; that's easy of course but if someone knows one in particular I'll be grateful if you could share it. I know there is no need to pay for a tutorial / course as there is more than enough free information out there but would you think is a good investment to go for one of those small low cost programming courses game oriented offered on Undemy. I have check the content of a few however what I am afraid off is to not really get what I am looking for. Thanks a lot once again. Have a marvellous day, Cheers
  4. Hello I want to create a small video game, however I hesitate on which kind of programming language should I use. I've been reading and I see suggestion from C#, Java to Unity. This is a personal small project, I am looking to create my own game and learn in the process because I am a beginner. I intend to use Pixel Art for the design. Could someone give an opinion on the matter? Please. Thanks a lot in advance! Cheers
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