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  1. henrym

    Mathematics for programmers.

    I've heard good things about the Khan Academy, which has a whole bunch of videos on YouTube about Maths and Physics. The Algrebra section (bottom of the leftmost column on that page), starts off simple with the first video "Linear Equations 1" explaining how to solve 5x = 20, and I assume goes through progressively more difficult problems.
  2. Very cool video, nice job.
  3. henrym

    [C++] enum of RECT

    enums are, in a sense, translated to const ints, i.e.: enum BulletType { RoundBullet, SquareBullet, TriangleBullet };Would be: const int RoundBullet = 0; const int SquareBullet = 1; const int TriangleBullet = 2;I'm not sure I fully follow what you're trying to do, but one way might be to have an array of RECTs, and then have an enum with each enum value as an index into the array: RECT arrayOfSpriteRECTs[5]; enum Sprites { BulletSprite = 0, PersonSprite, TreeSprite, MonsterSprite, GrassSprite } //and then you could access them: arrayOfSprites[ MonsterSprite ].left += 200; //which would work out to: arrayOfSprites[ 3 ].left += 200;
  4. henrym

    Learning Process

    My advice would be to simply write as much code as you can. If you see a code example in a book, then grab that code and try to get it running. Then play around with it: change values, and see how it affects the output. The programs you create at this stage don't necessarily need to have any practical uses, and they definitely don't need to be anything that you could show your friends (though you can, of course!). The most important thing is that you should write programs that help you to understand exactly what is happening, and how the code works. Something that might help you to understand how things work is to change the code: try using different values, change the order of code, etc; then, predict what you think might happen. Will the compiler throw an error? Maybe it will crash when it runs? Now try compiling and running it. Were you right? If not, figure out what did happen, and why it was different to your predictions. Another thing that I found useful was to check out lots of books, blogs, and tutorials. Read as many explanations of each concept as you can, the different perspectives can often be very helpful if you're stuck on a concept. Basically, read about code, and write code, as much you can.
  5. henrym

    Pirates vs. Ninjas Revised

    We have a forum here specifically for recruiting, you'll probably have better luck there: Help Wanted Also, read this before you post there.
  6. Quote:Original post by paulecoyote I'm probably missing something here, but surely if an opengl application is in full screen mode with the graphics card full attention then it doesn't matter what the desktop is set at or what it is doing, because it's not sharing any screen or having to play nice with other windows? I guess that maybe when Windows is running with the Aero Glass GUI, then D3D has exclusive access and all OGL calls are emulated. Once the GUI is turned off though, then OpenGL is able to run un-hindered. Disclaimer: I run Linux. I really haven't been keeping up with WGF and other Vista tehnologies at all, so I may be WAY off base. :)
  7. henrym

    IDE hell...

    Personally, I use Vim + ctags. Vim has all the features I need, code folding, syntax highlighting, and indentation for C/C++ and C# (and others), and ctags makes it easy to jump around from function to function in vim. Other than that I'd go with Eclipse, which feels quite snappy on my machine (mid-range). KDevelop and Anjuta both felt wrong to me, perhaps because I've just gotten so used to the CLI.
  8. henrym

    which uses openGL which directx?

    Personally, I find OpenGL easier to learn and a cleaner API, but from a professional point of view DX is probably more valuable as far as scoring a job.
  9. There are programs such as Doxygen which analyse comments and code to do what you describe e.g. KDevelop API Documentation (created by doxygen). Also, I believe there was a tool that shipped with VS.NET 2k3 (or maybe it was 2k5), which does a similar thing. Although to get any semantic meaning (to the level of MSDN), all classes, namespaces, variables, etc. need to be described by the programmers in either comments in the code, or by editing the produced documents. Once you have all the API docs produced and annotated, you can go ahead and use HTML Help Workshop to shove them into a single .chm, if you wish. HTH
  10. henrym

    Learning Python

    Also, How to think like a Computer Scientist(using Python).
  11. Quote:Original post by Daniel Miller Quote:Original post by Flurg Are you refering to the 2005 version? Yes. Microsoft still hasn't set a release date. I thought it was supposed to be out this Novemeber, but apperently not. IIRC, the Beta finishes in March 2005, so the release probably won't be until April or later.
  12. henrym

    Help, my hand is numb!

    Quote:Original post by Dmytry Quote:Original post by Eelco i dont think it has been said often enough: go see a fucking doctor. Seconded. what about making thread with topic "go see a fucking doctor" ? hehehe "Sticky: If you're having medical problems, go see a fucking doctor"
  13. henrym

    How to Read From an Ini

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/sysinfo/base/registry_functions.asp You want to look at the functions GetPrivateProfileSection GetPrivateProfileInt GetPrivateProfileString for reading and WritePrivateProfileSection WritePrivateProfileString for writing.
  14. henrym

    Free Image Loader Library?

    There is also FreeImage.
  15. Firefox + Adblock = no ads. However, I do feel kinda bad you guys don't get any money from me.
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