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    Unity or Unreal Engine?

    I am a beginner in game development, but would like to create a small game that I would work on for a hobby. I cannot choose between the 2 game engines, Unity and Unreal. I have looked at both of them, and they both seem very good for beginners. It is only me working on this game. Ill tell a bit of information about my game, so if any of you have advice on which engine I should use. My "game" will mainly be artwork. Lots of foliage. Trees, plants, and bushes, etc. I am not very good at code right at the moment. The main thing I need my game to have is excellent graphics, and performance. The game will be first person, in a forest I will try to make as realistic as possible. For a lot of the game development will probably be drag and drop honestly, if I can get some nice realistic trees and such. I have some of my own 3d models, and my own terrain I would like to import also, to make my world look as realistic as possible. I may also turn it into some post-apocalyptic peaceful type of game, just because I enjoy building that type of stuff. I will not release the game out to the public, because there is no point in the game. I just want to design my own beautiful world, on my off time. I think it would be a pretty cool thing, and I am aware it will take a TON of work, still. I wrote all this fast and am most likely not writing enough information, I will be glad to answer any if your questions asap. Thank you!
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