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  1. Hey All! I figured I'd write another game concept and story! Lost Journals Lost Journals: is a 2D adventure, RPG, one world map. Graphics: 16 or 32bit pixel Theme: Present time in age. In the Suburbs. Single player with co-op mutiplayer mode Story: (All character' names are customizable by the player and gender is customizable for beginning character) so for ease of story-telling I'll just designate names and gender for now.) Lillian* Player's character ....Bolts of Lighting flash through the sky! A rumbling can be heard in the distance.... ....It's a couple minutes from midnight and Lillian* can catch a wink.... Tossing and turning his her only remedy of staying calm! Lillian's parents had a fight after supper. With distasteful words her father raged out of the house! The perpetual thoughts entering Lillian's mind were the three words her mother burst out with: "I hate you!" Tears showered the house while terrified Lillian waited for her father to return home. Suddenly the clock struck Midnight! A horrifying thought crossed Lillian's mind: "Will I ever see my father again?" No sooner had she finished the thought as a bright green bolt of lightning lit off! "THUDDDDD!!!!" It was like a nuclear explosion was detonated! Trembling with anxiety, Lillian tippy toed to her bedroom window to take a peek of the strange glow emitting from her backyard. "THUD....THUD....THUD...." "Is someone knocking?" As Lillian peered out her two story window, she did all she could to refrain from screaming! A Hunk of floating metal was in her backyard! Continuing to watch from her dusty window, Lillian noticed the metal starting to disappear! With unbelief she pinched herself and turned away from the window. Taking huge breaths, Lillian managed another look out the window. But wait! "Nothing...it's...it's gone..." ...Scared to death, Lillian runs away from the window only to smash into a falling unconscious... ...Waking up the following morning... Lillian peers around the room with a groggy look... "Wha...t...happened." "Oh no...no...no..." As Lillian Staggers to the window...a pause is issued as the suns rays emit from a cloud into her eyes. This makes her rush to the window! Examining her backyard, she sees nothing unusual...."was it a dream...it couldn't have been" "it was too real....." Slowly, Lillian makes her way through her house to the backyard. Taking a step on the soggy grass, she examines her surroundings. Nothing, she then continues to the center of her yard. There is nothing. But wait! A piece of paper....with writing, a note to be exact! Examing it well, it reads: "Truth...what is truth? Is it what you been taught from the beginning of your existence? Is it something you can see with your eyes, examine with your mind? Or is it something entirely different, a way of life only you can discover? One can only tell, if you take a journey. A journey that has been long forgotten. A journey that has been hidden from you entirely based upon what you've learned. I believe it is time for you to take that journey. The Lost Journey to be exact! Go and search as I have faith that you will succeed! Go! Go... Are you still reading this.... uh....yeah....this is awkward.... STOP PRESSING NEXT!!!! Haha, that's the storyline anyway! Basically the concept of the game is a do it yourself puzzle game. You get certain clues and must figure it out literally on your own. There would be a hint in the note, obviously, and that is the beginning adventure. The Adventure's storyline can go a multiple of different ways based upon specific choices you make along your journey! While on your Journey you'll meet up with other fun characters that band into your journey. They will play important roles in the story based on how you use them and how your treat them. As not everyone will survive your journey. When your doing Co-op multiplayer mode...you can either do local on the same device, local internet, or other online players: either joining/hosting option. Up to four players can play. Difficulty will be set accordingly. Other Players basically your AI characters you have with you at the time. If none are available or you don't have enough....random AI will be generated for the time being. I would continue and write the story....but that would reveal a bit too much hahah! Anyway hopefully you enjoy reading this! If you have any questions feel free to holler! ~Ryan
  2. BlueFlute

    Your Ideas on a current Game Project

    Hey there Kai! I thought I'd give my input on the matter: From what I understand I'm looking at a game where it's always live. Basically when your gone the AI continually grows, multiplying through your inactivity. When you come back on the AI could have destroyed your base already? If so, thats totally fine, as I like hard core games anyway haha! My main question is: what are the end goals your looking to bring the game into? Once the Aliens have been destroyed with help from other live players, then what? Do rankings get distributed to skilled players giving a bit of competition? My thoughts on the question I presented would be: You want the players to come back for more. After they defeat the AI, typically I would say, a hard map would be triggered. Although, you need something different; rather than giving repetitive gameplay. Maybe the top rated player becomes the Alien warlord and literally has unlimited resources, (in a sense). He would then fight off real time players: 1 player vs. X amount of players online Or another scenario could be: Once players make a certain rank against the AI Aliens they then "Graduate" into the Alien group. Each AI will get replaced by a graduating player. Example: Let's say there are 10 Generating AI in the alien group. 5 beginning players graduate into the Alien group after they achieve a certain rank. Now, 5 of the 10 AI get replaced by 5 realtime players. The 5 players' mission aside from fighting the beginning players is to conquer in turn a stronger AI group. But this could get as repetitive as the beginning gameplay....so to make things interesting: each time a player graduates he can choose a choice of liking from a tech tree: Example: -> Group 5 -> -Group 2 -> Group 4 -> Group 7 Beginning players -> Alien Group -> -Group 1 -> Group 6 -> Group 8 -> -Group 3 -> Group 9 -> Group 10 Ect... Basically each tier, (I showed 4 tiers), have to not only defend against the weeker previous tiers, but they have to fight the next stronger AI or players who've reached that tier. And of course the individual routes are different group types.....air units opposed to soldier units, ect... Giving different gameplay feels and mechanics to the individual. Well anyway haha this is just an opinion! I hope this helps! ~Ryan
  3. Does the story have a specific guideline you want it to follow and do you have specific character preferences? As you mentioned you have key components in concept already. Thanks! ~Ryan
  4. BlueFlute

    A little help to finish my story?

    Hey In0v4! I just saw your post and would like to share a finishing storyline: Thief Drops off Data: At the drop off location, she is a bit hesitant with following through because she too feels the romantic connection that is forming between herself and the player. She is fighting within herself whether or not her ways are as justifying as she was taught. With one foot ready to stab you in the back and the other foot pondering on her beliefs. She messes up a code phrase alerting the courier. With quick thinking, the courier takes the the thief captive to question whether or not she has been compromised. The courier is known for dealing with moles/rats. So things escalate quickly! The player has been viewing the whole situation and starts to tail the courier as he takes the thief to rebel sight for questioning. Now the player has to find a way to save the thief because she is now frightened to the point where the whole mission will be a loss. Things start getting grim as the thief starts breaking down. With no choice the player decides to take action. He takes the courier out against orders and saves the thief with the data back in his lap. With touching dialogue and more romantic connections. She starts feeling bad for the player because he compromised his mission to save her. She then gives him the idea of taking the place of the courier. With lots of consideration the player finally builds up the courage to take the place of the courier; while the thief decides to help him and see how things play out, as she hasn't fully left her rebellious stance towards the empire. (If you like what I came up with so far and would like more added let me know) Hope this helps! ~Ryan
  5. Hello again! I figured I'd write you guys another concept from scratch, as I find it fun haha! Game name: Ola Tribes Ola Tribes: is a game starting at the earliest times of civilization. Survival is the only hope! There are two types of tribes: • The Teman Tribe: meaning friends. -They are the peace keeping tribe always into development trying to create better means for survival and living. • The Kumuh Tribe: meaning foes. -They are the conquering tribe. They live on a passion to rule, conquer, command, and destroy. There development is mostly in the area of combat. Ola Tribes: is a 2D Adventure, Survival, Simulation, MMORPG, one world map Graphics: I think I'm going for a 32bit pixel The Story: It all began in the year 2222 A.C. It was a turning point in time not only because there was a lack of peace, but laws began to become defective. Governments crumbled and laws could no longer be enforced! A crisis was shadowing the globe with no hope as the sunlight disappeared beyond the clouded horizon. No longer was it safe to wander from shelter. Darkness and fear was the only thing present in daily lives. Soon crime was a Government and peace was a sin. Although, not all submitted to the towering fate that masses perceived as present life. A group of Scientists began to work non-stop through their dark surroundings. Their hope of survival rested in a weapon that could control electricity in extreme measures to create and destroy! As time ticked insanity drove all but one of the Scientists from finishing the work. The last Scientist had done it! He had created the weapon. With impatient thoughts, he activated the most deadliest weapon a world could ever behold. Malfunctions took to flight and electrodes began to shrink in every living cell. It was if a Black Hole had swallowed the world. Everything...just vanished...but reappeared, in a very foreign way. The sun began to burst through the clouds penetrating the age of darkness. Things were visible and clear! But it was different, it was as if, what we had accumulated and perfected overtime was set back to the beginning...A new life began: Ola Tribes Ola Tribes Gameplay: When a player starts he can choose to join either the Teman or Kumuh Tribe. The tribe consistants solely on players. Survival development is ammassed through teamwork within each tribe. Each player can pick 1 skill at the beginning of his gameplay. With that skill chosen they nurture it so that they can use there skill to create opportunities to benefit their tribes progress in that specific area. Specific areas include: -weapon development -tool development -building material development -engineering development -medical development -health development -food development -energy development -vehicle development -defensive development -clothing development -communication development -hunting development -combat development -farming development -business development -tactical development -breeding development -inventive development -accessory development etc.. Each form of development can be upgraded an x amount of times for that individual, giving benefits to the master development Tribal "tech tree". Communication is a must have! Each tribe will have no native language...whatsoever. Meaning players literally can not communicate when gameplay first begins. They will use skills to survive and develop a means of communication. Example: in the beginning of gameplay. If a fellow tribe member tries typing/saying: "We need wood" This is what would appear: ( ... ) because they don't have a language. Furthermore let's say they start developing there language at the beginning stages. Due to there development based upon different factors. They will have random generated letters (and or) symbols given to a random letter: so let's say there development leads them to have: ? = W Ū = E S = O D = D *N has not been developed* _ = *default* So now the phrase: "We need wood" would read " ?ū _ūūd ?ssd *Basically it adds a wild twist I've actually never seen in gameplay before haha! Players in the beginning, will work around the barrier or will hasten the production of communication. I think it would be cool to try to figure it all out* All tribe members can review the letters and their counterparts anytime becuase the list would develop, "not change", based upon certain players skill levels. Eventually as the skill evolves the "skilled user" will be able to choose certain letters and rearrange things, Make speed words. It would run the course of a new language in development. At the earliest stages of the game everything is undeveloped: weapons, clothing/armor, food, vehicles, building, etc... It's survival Everytime you level up you receive an attribution point. Each time you die. One attribute point you've gotten gets taken away. So in essence the more a tribe dies the more it will go back into an undeveloped state. Everything can kill you: development, lack of food, lack of water, lack of shelter, the weather, wild animals, un-edible food, getting lost. It all pays a toll unless a tightly knit bond is made within the tribe. (I believe this covers the concept and mechanics) if not holler, as I'm brainstorming haha **Storyline** Single player/Multiplayer unlocks when you reach level x in your Tribe. (story for multiplayer)-it's an area you enter that would activate the storymode for multiplayer. For single player you would have to activate it from the main menu, once unlocked. ...New life here has begun, so do traditions as well. At age, a warrior needs to prove his worthiness to the Tribe to train for better positions... It is your time! To prove your worthiness to hold better positions, you must make the journey to the top of Boulder Burn Mountain. There you will find a bright Amber colored liquid. This substance is powerful enough to burn through anything! Not only will it give us advantages in development, but it also gives a meaning to the beholder. Something we all long for; a hope, a dream, a quest....a partner. The Journey is dangerous that is why you will travel with tribe members who also need to prove themselves worthy... If the journey is taken as single player. You join up with AI members that you use to help achieve goals and so forth. Difficulties for single player: -Pipsqueak -Kiddy -Man up -Adulthood -Hero Time -Legends (Each difficulty level has a different story that is a sequel to the next difficulty level) (The first storyline above would also be for the pipsqueak difficulty level, but it would take a different ending to merge in with other storylines) If the journey is taken in co-multiplayer. You must gather players to the area to begin the journey with them. As the game continues in realtime. So you could be facing up against realtime competitors, as well as the AI battles, conditions, and bosses. Difficulties for multiplayer: - As you could and most likely would be with a large group. You will be facing all levels of difficulties in the same go. Check marks would be available, (as in the leave the game and come back and your still in place you left your character). But once you die you have to restart from the beginning of the area, but would spawn back at your tribal location. Anyway I believe this covers the major concept. I have all the details ready to be filled in haha! Like I said before I was brainstorming as I wrote this one, so please forgive the errors/typos! This is a sample of ideas or concepts I have ready to be used. I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it! Thanks! ~Ryan
  6. Hey Guys thanks for the feed back! Definitely appreciated! I have already followed up on some of the links and I will using them to train my skills in general haha! I honestly feel the same way if someone was telling me they had good ideas. I'll keep up the persistance 😉 Hey aa d thanks for your interest! What I'm currently trying to get developed is a 2d platform game. I've got quite a few thought up, but I'll focus on one with the major game concepts and mechanics. Game: 2D: A good sample would be "Deepworld" or "The Blockheads" -I would supply all details- Style: MMORPG Theme: Greek times, such as ancient to civilization, the Emperor era. -I would supply all details- The game would consist of a storyline, One that reaches into the players world, something that touches home, heart warming, mysterious, puzzling, exciting, full of action, and full of Intercative decisions that will effect how your game play with other players will be. -I would supply all details- Everything in the game will have a some action. Thus creating a world of endless possibilities. Trust me, I have them. Characters per player would be created and customized according to game progress the individual has done. Giving distinctness, as you must create a possession that players' value and wouldn't want to lose. Quests: will be an addition to the game. -I would supply all details- Worlds: in the game there would be different genres of worlds for players to explore, conquer, compete, build, create, host, and PvP. -I would supply all details- Clans: Yes but with a different twist that actually interacts with the story. -I would supply all details- **Note** when I say "-I would supply all details-" I mean that I have everything thought out, and you wouldn't need to worry about that end of the development. Graphics: I'm leaning towards a cleaner retro pixel style. Picture Minecraft 2D but smooth and clear. I'm not sure if there is a term for it haha There is so much more involved. But I thought I'd let you grasp a bit of what I'm aiming for at the moment. - I dont have any experience with 2D art design -I don't have any experience with coding -I can manage Music, as I am a musician, and know people. -Paying, yes, important: Typically shares would be divided amongst the team before I would receive anything: Example -> Game covers cost -> game proceeds to bring in revenue -> At that time all members to the team excluding me will receive a consistent supporting sum -> After the game has now supported everyone in the team I then would start receiving a consistant sum as well. - I don't have experience with sound effects / character sounds; but I'm sure it is a bit intertwined with its music partner, in a sense 😉 (If there are other important features I may have missed, let me know haha) Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you have any Questions feel free to holler! ~Ryan
  7. Thanks for response Guy! Definitely appreciated! I'll check out the above links to see if I can put together some more content haha. I've also played tons of boards games thus reaching to the extent of creating a board game with a friend. Although, it may not be the best representation of ideas I would be looking to go forward with. Currently what I have to bring to the table, I would say right now is: Writer, Creative Director, and Producer; although I'm not exctaly sure what that's worth to anyone at my current stage haha! Well progress begins with the first step forward! See at the next one! Thanks! ~Ryan
  8. Hey All! I it's been a long time passion to be able to create games of ideas I am always perfecting from critiquing others' works. But rather than learning code from scratch, I thought I would reach out into the community to those who may be in search for inventive ideas to take ahold of! I've read from other users to supply such material as to show your capabilities. Honestly, I'm not sure how I would do that, considering I can't code...and I'm a bit of beginner in the field of game developing, I must say. If your a bit interested and would like to see if I have chops to be inventive "creative director": I'm open to answer inquiries, challenge me to create concepts out of other games, add additional content to games to draw a larger follow/players, or in fact challenge me to create a New game concept! As I'm looking for a game programmer and you may be looking for game ideas! Thank you for your time! ~Ryan
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