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  1. In0v4

    A little help to finish my story?

    Thank you, I appreciate the help Thanks a lot for the ideas
  2. In0v4

    A little help to finish my story?

    Oh, of course. If she helps uncover the plot against the empire (so find the boss), stealing of the data will be forgiven.
  3. In0v4

    A little help to finish my story?

    The stolen data is part of a larger plot against the empire but other than that, no.
  4. In0v4

    A little help to finish my story?

    Sure. First of all the larger setting is kind of rebels vs empire but it's gray where one side isn't clearly the bad guys. Many rebels live in a remote area walled off from the empire lands.The thief is a young rebel who infiltrates a research station to steal data that could be used to overthrow the empire. Thief is injured and the player saves her life leading to a bond between them. Thief has never before seen what it's like outside the wall, only heard stories from other rebels. In this part of the game the thief gets exposed to the empire's way of life and the player influences whether or not the thief embraces the empire or not. Thief is also a potential romance option. Anything else you'd like to know?
  5. I've been struggling lately to come up with what is probably the last piece of my story, so if any of you have ideas I'd love to hear them. So here's the general scenario: you catch a thief stealing data, thief goes to jail but you make a deal with the thief to track down the boss, you go to a place where the thief is supposed to drop the data off to a courier and in the end you find and confront the boss. I could do it like follow/torture the courier but I need something that takes a bit more time and builds up to the eventual boss meeting.
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