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    More things to do in a Date Sim RPG about monsters?

    Thank you!! all this is very helpful, I'm defiantly going to have a bully mini game and I think I'm going to add a riddle telling sphinx as well
  2. I'm creating a date sim rpg that will have both pixel rpg elements and visual novel parts about the Frankenstein monster who has amnesia going to monster school; a large boarding school. I already have the plot for most of the dateable characters and for Frankie themselves, but I'm having trouble filling out the map and connecting the world to the characters For example, what are some school achievements to complete to advance the story, perhaps in mini game form? Maybe running an errand for the school news paper and such. Anything from classes to social is fair game, there will also be a town, forest, and beach! I'm open to any suggestions and let me know if you need any clarifications or questions about my project!
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