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  1. Launcher111

    Team Members for game design

    The back story is around 25-30 separate detail books... Will email you
  2. Launcher111

    Team Members for game design

    I have a galaxy size story you may like. Im also looking for a group. 8 fleshed out species all unique with an additional 10 being thought out.
  3. Launcher111

    A New Galaxy, Creation

    The idea being use the Star Wars approach, have the game side and a animation side with stories/episodes. So that each side promotes the other. The games would be all over the place... Rpgs, strategy, simple games and the rest. More like star wars where games are generated off all sorts of eras and content. I have the start of a galaxy, 8 species, the early planetary history and early space in that section of space... Would like to see another 24 species added.. All unique and worth while. Allowing for origin storys for each species Obviously founding members are partners, those that come on later paid help when it generates money. The Galaxy has a few key pieces... No humans... They always become the center point, leaders of both sides and become immortal rulers of the galaxy. This Galaxy would have more carnivores, and naturally violent species. Less alliances/federations... Far smaller groups.
  4. Launcher111

    Indie Game Team Searching for New Talent

    One area we need is an animator... Making some short shows/movies.
  5. Launcher111

    Indie Game Team Searching for New Talent

    I like the story and rpg side... Any interest in aliens and space based?
  6. Launcher111

    Indie Game Team Searching for New Talent

    Im more a story writer and concept person... Like design a species its history, architecture, social structure. Im interested in your next game and what direction its going in. If its in an area of my intrest.. Might join in..
  7. Launcher111

    Some ideas about a non-violence based game

    The sims???? Is close to a non violent success story? The truth is non violent... Isnt so peaceful... Like the monks burning themselves to death. People starving themselves to death. Even if you take the peaceful route... The other side typically doesnt resort to a peaceful route... Many non peaceful protests can result in violence. Humans are omnivores... And the traits associated with that prevail through. Non violent games have a low appeal... Lets be honest sports games are violent... Truely non violent games make 1-5% sales and the market? Its a non sense argument fundamentally that violence in games is the root of all evil as is being portrayed... Its the same thing pushed upon smokers and gun users... That an object is evil... And that a person is evil because they posses an object. And somehow if they didnt have an object would be cured and good again... If a person doesnt play videogames they will find another outlet of self destruction or violent outbursts... Video game violence is a way to place blame upon a persons horrible decisions upon someone else.
  8. Launcher111

    Your Ideas on a current Game Project

    I would like to see non traditional aliens... Small and tall grays in shiny gray flying saucers... Its to predictable.. Overly dependent on tech. And physically weak... I have some ideas if your interested. What should happen is have building construction. Where when off line, your player would be able to do chores... Obviously bots would be an issue. But lets say make building x bigger. Or go make ammunition, or build trenches around the base. I still prefer xcom ufo defense style where you have a squad... Something like 6... Lets you have a pilot, a couple non combat personnel. Than have the rest Solidiers... Have scientists, physicians, engineers, production and construction workers. I think make it a little darker.. Where the aliens leveled 98% of everything. It makes the conditions harder. And cant over whelm the enemies with cannon fodder. Leaving the base is the risky part... But would be nice if patrols took vehicles from the city
  9. Launcher111

    Your Ideas on a current Game Project

    Xcom had some great games, ufo defense of the 90's is still more complex than most games. I would think you need another force... Something like playing as aliens. Having everyone on one team... Is difficult... Or have loose allegiances.. Where each city is the equivalent of an alliance or faction. Which is more concerned with there own survival. Which means the citys can have wars. Personally if you have a transport, and take 4-8 people with you to a ruin, where you scavange materials, kill aliens and drag it all back to base. Start with a small helicopter, work your way up....eventually steal ufos. And make your more advanced ships eventually. Perhaps make a moon and mars colony? Or big space ship city?
  10. Launcher111

    Character Writing

    The big video game companies arent as solid as they think.... They buy up and coming games.. Milk them to death and buy more ideas and repeat..I think things will shift... Leaving them out in the cold... Classic examples are outdated... For instance games off books...and movies... Books and movies create a rpg pathway... But confines the game... Many movies and books have total victories... Which to make a game off is limiting... I believe the future would be creating a wiki for a concept. As an example design 10 to 20 species, a few hundred systems. Give them mentalities, architecture, beliefs, get into food... Sentiments of the species, ideologies. What happens is you have hundreds of pieces. The developers look at it and decide. How do i make a game of this...using and respecting the pieces of the wiki. The choices then become cannon. Allowing for many games and animations to form... As opposed to stand alone games.. You make stories in that galaxy. But than also can make quick lower end games. an example could make a few rpgs. A few hero battle games and card games. But all these games fall into cannon, furthering the story.
  11. Launcher111

    The importance of story before developement

    Ha ha red alert 4... The westwood section of Ea is pretty much dead. Large part story... But not keeping games modern in terms of gameplay. Obviously many super simple games story doesn't matter.. But them games have an experation date. Ea is a great example of story destruction... And by dieing.. Means the sequel change dies... And sales drop off... There are degrees of story collapse... But has an effect... Star trek and star wars is a great example... Star trek dumped on its history, star wars clings to it... While movies and shows... It heavily influences the game, and the support base... You see this comparing movies and subsequent games from them movies and shows. Whats a smart idea is from a marketing back ground. Have a few 10 to 20 minute shows based off the game universe. Use it to get pre game hype, you can use it to foreshadow future developments and put them in context. Bad story effects games. Many dont go deep enough obviously. On the other side skyrim is near the gold standard, no one sees that franchise dieing any decade soon.
  12. Im a writer and concept person... Dabbled in graphics... But developers please have a story outline before the game. So many games die because of retro active story line work. When a game takes off... The sequel is painted in a corner by story constraints... When you break the story it trashes the time line. Writing is completely undervalued. Take George Lucas... He basically made the Star wars Wiki over a year... And was able to make a viable universe because all the pieces where on the table, he saved pieces for later.. And made sure total victory never happened... Bad for business... Im intrested in syfy space and knight age eras.. My type of abilities are best in strategy based games... I conceptualize things with story but roughing things out in minecraft to run through ideas. I have some awesome species ideas. Make them realistic, but make them unique and fun.
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