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  1. YukoNeko

    Fantasy Little Jobs

    Would you like to have a taste of running a little shop in a fantasy medieval world? In Fantasy Little Jobs VR you can cook, forge weapons, prepare magic potions and even play an archery minigame! Serve drinks and food... and yes, you need to do the dishes as well! Be quick and complete as many orders as you can in the time limit, but if you fail 3 orders... GAME OVER! Fantasy Little Jobs offers lots of fun: Arcade gameplay, solve as many customers’ orders as you can before you run out of time. Beat your own score over and over again! (I warm you, the higher the level the harder the orders are!) Solve each customer’s order with different mechanics and puzzles. Grab objects and throw them if you like. Have fun with our peculiar barrel drink dispenser Make different potions and ointments Be quick and accurately in the archery minigame Cook delicious and hearty meals Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cubenary
  2. YukoNeko

    Fantasy Little Jobs

    Album for Fantasy Little Jobs
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