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  1. I have an Associates Degree in Computer Animation from Full Sail, in Orlando. I also have spent a lot of time doing unrelated work (web design). I have a feeling we could work something out. I'm kinda interested in starting to work on a game, maybe we could work on your present game as well as a new project at the same time. email me : mail@samwilson3d.com
  2. Hi, My web design site is SamWilson3D.com . I have an associates degree in computer animation and 10+ years experience with photoshop. I might be interested. Can I see some idea of what you are building?
  3. SamWilson3D

    2D Artist needed

    Sounds easy enough. What kind of compensation did you have in mind and do you have a working game prototype with placeholders? Feel free to email me directly samwilson3d@yahoo.com
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