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  1. Hi! Good Morning and/or Evening! My composer name is Nebula, but i am more known everywhere else for my work as TNHGameRemixes. I am currently looking to work as a composer for any video game titles that are in need of a composer. As the name states, i remix, but not by using original samples of the song i am remixing, i recompose from the ground up in my own unique individual style. Though recomposing is not the only skill i am capable of. I have history of creating original compositions, some of which are individual works, like "Antarctic Breakdown" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igcWsKQ7A9U&t=19s) or "Boss Rush" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PXjuHkF-us&t=28s) And some others are for Projects, like fan game titles, that i also have had experience in. Composing for projects, and with a team. One of my most recent works for example is "Blue Ridge" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqJjtCICv0o) For an in-development fan game titled "Tails Adventure: Armada". I am a very patient person, as well as organized with a business and friendly mentality. if i am a part of a team, i dedicate my allegiance and skill to do everything i can to give it the best music i can possibly score for it. Ways of communication are very flexible for me, but my most common places are via: Email: Reginaldnebula@gmail.com Discord: TNHGameRemixes#5557 Twitter: @ThatNintHedge and YouTube: TNHGameRemixes. (All other composition work, if needed, can be found on my YouTube channel.) For Preference: The only thing i want to know is if the game currently has a working engine and is in development (preferrably pre-alpha) and has a plan-direction. i've been brought to teams before that haven't even started anything yet and suddenly scrapped the idea, leaving me with plenty of work left to no purpose. For Pricing: i'll note that i do not work for free. I can range my prices between a fair $50- $100 per minute of track. the cost of which can be discussed as you please once we come in contact! For More Questions: Feel free to contact me if you need more information about me! I will be happy to answer any of them. Thank You, and i hope to work well with one of you all! PS: Don't ever feel shy whenever you want to contact me. i am not a stiff nor stubborn person in the slightest!
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