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  1. blacephalon27

    Racing game i am working on

    What would be the theme of your racing game? It feels tropical. I'm going to name your work Go Kart ArchipelaGo! 😁😁
  2. blacephalon27

    Better name for "Battle Group"

    Armada has a good ring to it.
  3. blacephalon27

    How difficult is it to make programs?

    I don't have the first-hand experience in programming but I saw how daunting the task can be. Speaking on the perspective of a creative, programmers have it tough when it comes to executing and making your ideas into fruition. You have to be decisive with your thoughts and ideas because revising is tedious work for everyone and it's taking a toll on the programmers because that's where the pressure put into.
  4. blacephalon27

    Where to start to learn how to create games?

    Nice insights. Hope you have a great start on your project.
  5. blacephalon27

    More things to do in a Date Sim RPG about monsters?

    How about creating different clubs to join which may branch out into other errands or activities to advance the plot?
  6. blacephalon27

    MMORPG with players face in character build

    I watched SAO before and I do like the idea of having the players face in the character build but as a gamer, I won't be using it. I play to escape reality for a while that means I won't be thinking about work or any stuff that I do aside from gaming. There's a specific charm in character building that let me make my otherworldly persona tangible, let say for example the hunter I build for my Monster Hunter account. This is the same for other players who use the opposite gender in their game as their preferred avatar so having their face in the game would be awkward. It's a good idea but still a matter of preference.
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