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  1. Looks good, hope it continues to gain in popularity (:
  2. Sorry about that, that will teach me to freelance online. Work, work, work.. To much bug fixing and error codes O_o My bad!
  3. Thanks for the offer, problem is all the latest MMOs use non trust server protection, which stops cheating at network packet level. I know cheat codes and puzzle solves are still a draw for younger gamers so you might have a market. However, I'm looking for design design work, unity and UR4 level design and character animation coding or Indie 3D work. Good luck with your anti cheating project. Chaz
  4. Hey Xaser3D, Like your skill set, how are finding Unity? I'm making a 2D Breaker game at the moment. I've got 2D Photoshop, material skills, 3D skills 3DS Max, Bender and programming skills, Python, Java, C and C#. I like unreal as well, but I've not looked into it because I want to realise a mobile game app on Google Play first. Keep working on your sql, I don't much about DB work, maybe a little AWS / Nosql, but limited. Just networking, good luck 🙂 Chaz
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