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  1. Hello my name is Lillian Chansky. I have been a musician for 13 years and have been making music for 2 years. My friends all think my music sounds like game music so I decided to post here to get my work out there. I play the violin and I am classically trained. I am also a music education student who is planning on minoring in commercial music and recording. I would appreciate any advice that you can give me since I am just starting out with making my own music. I would also like feedback on my songs. Thank you all so much.
  2. Hello all, My name is Lillian Chansky and I'm from El Paso, Texas. I've been a musician for 13 years and an aspiring music producer for 2 years. I am looking to extend my reach and get out of my comfort zone. My goal is to work on music for projects to get my name out there and gain experience. I make original music and specialize in electronic. I've been a violinist for 13 years and I am classically trained. If you are interested in hearing my work please check out my soundcloud and if you are interested in working with me please email me at marlytime13@gmail.com
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