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  1. What are your opinion on story-centric games where game mechanic is almost non existent? The games that I am talking about are TellTale Games, To The Moon, Until Dawn, Man of Medan, etc. Personally, I think they're enjoyable when you are watching someone else play it but they bore the heck out of me when I am the one playing it.
  2. TheIndieteurGuy

    What are some of the things you like in games?

    Personally, the way to hook me in game is good game mechanics. I don't care if you have a good story or whatever but if there's almost non-existent game mechanics in the game, I would get bored easily. But, there's still a way for me to enjoy them which is if I watch Let's Players play them.
  3. TheIndieteurGuy

    What to Look for in a Social Media Manager?

    As an addition to what the people above me have already said, that person should also be professional like they should not discuss their own politics or religion whatsoever.
  4. It sounds fantastic! By the way, I tried checking your SoundCloud page but it says "We can't find that user" for some reason.
  5. TheIndieteurGuy

    Books and articles on game dev

    I know this isn't really the answer for your question but for learning more about game design, I would highly suggest "A Theory of Fun For Game Design" by Raph Koster and "The art of Game Design" by Jesse Schell.
  6. TheIndieteurGuy

    Should a Indie Dev with no Budget partner with a Publisher?

    Thanks for the answer! And, yes I'll keep in mind that I should start have separate threads for different questions.
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