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  1. Is this a good idea? Gameplay will be based on working with active population. This means that we can add different "states" to provinces. Like, people in Bombay may dislike the idea of buying only British goods. But they are not active and the player can inspire them to change the situation by spending different resources. The player can also spread other ideas (like, using different non-violent methods) and add different "states" to population.
  2. Thank you very much! Will try :)
  3. Are adding money and separating inspiration and influence good ideas to implement? Money could be used to: Provide financial help to different provinces in order to make them loyal to the player Strengthen the player's movement Influence could be used to: Call for peaceful protests Negotiate with the British Gain other leader's support (gives various bonuses)
  4. Yes, I've played that game, thanks. It may be a nice source of inspiration, though, may also require some research on how core systems work there.
  5. Oh, sounds interesting, thanks a lot!
  6. I would disagree, because one won't be able to use the region's resources The only availible resource with such a concept is more followers. Which is rather boring... Or am I wrong? This screenshot illustrates my current concept and what I've already created
  7. To put it in a simple way: we have a map of India with some regions. Each region has some parameters: Player's ideas support. Decreases slowly as the time passes. Population number. The more it is, the harder it is to increase player's ideas support. We have inspiration points + supporters. We can use inspiration to: Unlock non-violent political tools Spread ideas among population - increase player's ideas support in regions We can use supporters to: Stop player's ideas support from decreasing We also have some historical events that can be activated. Like, players can start the Salt March. This requires support in some regions, some inspirtation and some free supporters. The game's goal will be like this: activate the "independance" event as soon as possible. But this sounds extremely boring and simplistic. And what will be challenging enough to excite the player...
  8. Yeah, I've read about Satyagraha. But what would be the core mechanic of such a game... In real life Gandhi's work was hard because there were a lot of different social groups that didn't agree with his ideas. But adding a complex social system is a bit tricky. I've read that the first game should be as simple (in terms of mechanics) as possible.
  9. Thanks for the reply! A game about non-violence (to be more accurate: about Gandhi) Well, I used to think in this way: in order to make a game about Gandhi I should look at Gandhi's actions in real history and translate them into game mechanics. And then, Gandhi organized peaceful protests, tried to spread ideas.... It's a bit hard to turn into a fun gameplay, isn't it? For intance, as for resources. It would be nice to add "inspiration" points and "supporters" as a resource. But how would players use them? Just clicking on buttons like "call for peaceful protests"? But it's boring... And as for some other things: I thought about adding a global map of India with different regions (Delhi, Bombay etc) and the player can interact with them. But it means that I need a lot of them, doesn't it?
  10. Well, at least thanks for the reply!
  11. Could you please provide some examples of existing games like that? Or maybe some ideas?
  12. Good afternoon everyone! I am rather new to this forum, so please do not punish me too harshly for posting this in the wrong forum section Once upon a time (in 2015) I've got an idea to create a management game for PC. Back then I defined it as a strategy game and the idea was that most of strategies out there are based on 2 things: politics and war. "Ok", I thought, "why not create a game based on something entirely different? Like, let's make a game about Gandhi and non-violence!". And I started creating it. Unfortunately, I couldn't make out the best mechanics for such a game, so I just started experimenting. I've tried A LOT OF different versions and now I have almost no ideas. In the beginning I felt like it should be like the player can spread ideas of non-violence in order to achieve independance of India (in 100 turns). So, there are "inspiration" points that players can spend on either unlocking some non-violent political methods or spreading their ideas among Indian population. But... I can't understand how to make it interesting. So, I deleted everything exept the map and some basic game code in order to start again. So, the question is: is it possible to make such a game exciting and interesting enough? I thought I could collect some feedback and on my idea here, so that I could finish that game... Thanks in advance!
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