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    Direct Input Problem

    Well, Using GetModuleHandle( NULL ) works fine although I'm confused as to why this instance would not be valid. But everything seems to work fine now. Thanks very much!
  2. Hey folks, When trying to initialize Direct Input, I get an error which translates into an invalid parameter being passed. I'm trying to initialize DirectInput 7 and I current have DirectX 9.0b installed on my test machine so I don't believe there should be any problems. This is the code I'm using: HRESULT hResult = DirectInputCreateEx( WindowInstance, DIRECTINPUT_VERSION, IID_IDirectInput7, ( void ** )&lpdi, NULL ); WindowInstance is a global application instance handle. DIRECTINPUT_VERSION is defined in theheader file as 0x700. Please advise. Thanks, Mike
  3. bower12345

    Messages not getting sent...

    Ok I tried this: bOptVal = true; nbOptVal = sizeof( bool ); if( setsockopt( hSocket, IPPROTO_TCP, TCP_NODELAY, (char *)&bOptVal, nbOptVal ) == SOCKET_ERROR ) MessageBox( NULL, "Error Setting Socket Options", "Error", MB_OK ); Does this seem right or am I setting the socket options wrong? No error occurs when I make the call to the function. I am still having the problem when the information is being sent to the server that the server does not receive anything. Please advise. Regards, Mike
  4. bower12345

    Messages not getting sent...

    I'm using stream socket. I've checked the client program to make sure its actually sending the data I want and it is. I'm doing user authentication within the FD_ACCEPT call. Is this a good idea or should I just use accepting the connection and logging it to the FD_ACCEPT message and using FD_READ to do user authentication? After a socket is connected does it automatically use the FD_READ message, or only after I explicitly call WSAAsyncSelect on that client socket? Regards, Mike
  5. bower12345

    Messages not getting sent...

    Thanks for the reply. I still find it odd why sometimes the server will receive the data sent and other times it won't receive anything. Basically I'm doing simple user and password authentication with sockets and sometimes the server receives the info and sometimes it doesn't.
  6. Hey Folks, Does Winsock guarantee that when the send command is made that the entire message will get there? Lets say I am sending the message "mike" from one machine to another. Sometimes I receive the word "mike" and sometimes I receive nothing at all. Do I to use the return value of send in order to make sure that the message got sent? Regards, Mike
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