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  1. MaizeDaniele

    [CODE REVIEW REQUEST] Pong clone with C++ and SFML

    Oh sorry, I didn't want you to think that 😅 I just wanted some suggestions about the c++ project, because I've never built a game without an engine (ex. Unity) before.
  2. MaizeDaniele

    [CODE REVIEW REQUEST] Pong clone with C++ and SFML

    I've used Unity for a while, developed some basic 2D mobile games. I'm studying some patterns from: http://gameprogrammingpatterns.com/ for example I tried to use the command pattern for input, and the game event pattern. I wanted to improve my C++ knowledge. I read a basic book on C++ and some introductory tutorial on the language (ex TheChernoProject C++), but I didn't followed a tutorial specific on pong with sfml. By "first game" I meant the first on the list.
  3. Hello, I'm following this article suggestions in order to improve my basic gamedev knowledge. I've completed the first game in the list: Pong, using C++ and SFML. The thread suggests to ask for code review after finishing a project, so this is the game repo: https://github.com/MaizeDaniele/Pong Let me know what I should have done differently. Thanks in advance, MaizeDaniele
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