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    ancientwarfare123 Did you receive my Email?
  2. Hello my Name is Michael. I have over 15 Years expirience in all Audio related fields (Composing, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering) I started composing music in 2004. I worked as a Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer at my own studio Conn Mastering for the last 11 years and achived Gold & Platin awards. Just a few of my clients: NASA (Goddard Space Flight Center), Sony, Universal, Ibanez Italy, Voice of Germany, Eurovision Song Contest, DHL. Now i would like to switch into Game Audio. If you need a Soundtrack or SFX please contact me. At the moment i am Lead Sound Designer at kknd-game.com I remastered every Sound and am currently reworking all SFX from scratch. My first two Projects would be free of charge. Please contact me via Email at info@byte-audio.com
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