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  1. psychotomus

    need FREE MMO engine

    I Decided i'm going to build my own engine =) be more fun that way and more time consuming just like I did for 2d version of my game =)
  2. psychotomus

    need FREE MMO engine

    @darookie I know all about C++. Took 2 yrs of it in high school and taking my 2nd class in college starting at end of month. I know all about pointers, ect. @Anonymous Poster. i'll look into OGRE 3d
  3. I am nearing completion of my first 2d game written in VB6 (been in the works for almost 3 years) and now I want to start planning my new game and write this one in C++. The game I wrote connects you to a server like battle.net then you chat join and create games then up to 8 people play in the game and battle it out with weapons till the end of the designated time period. I wish to create a very similar type of game,but in 3d. ANyone got any ideas on a engine I could use. I built my 2d engine from scratch and that took long. building a 3d engine would take me just as long and I dont want to wait another 3 years to release a game =). I hope the engine also includes a map editor?
  4. psychotomus

    Dx9 C# RenderStates

    thanks. That would of helped if i didnt find the answer first in Dx SDK, took about 3-4 hours of digging though.
  5. psychotomus

    Dx9 C# RenderStates

    I'm having troubles converting this from VB6 DX8 to C# DX9 D3DDevice.SetRenderState D3DRS_LIGHTING, False D3DDevice.SetRenderState D3DRS_SRCBLEND, D3DBLEND_SRCALPHA D3DDevice.SetRenderState D3DRS_DESTBLEND, D3DBLEND_INVSRCALPHA D3DDevice.SetRenderState D3DRS_ALPHABLENDENABLE, True so far I have this running with no errors. device.SetRenderState(Direct3D.RenderStates.Lighting,false); //device.SetRenderState(Direct3D.RenderStates.SourceBlend, ????); //device.SetRenderStates(Direct3D.RenderStates.DestinationBlend, ?? device.SetRenderState(Direct3D.RenderStates.AlphaBlendEnable,true); any ideas. i'm trying to do transparency's.
  6. full source: http://rafb.net/p/nHQmcY14.html
  7. i am trying to convert an application from VB6 to C#.NET and i cna't figure out how to add transparencys with DX9 in C# ; the background color is black. heres a few code sniplets. samus = new Surface(samus_sprite, description, display); Color test; ColorKey ck; test = Color.FromArgb(0, 0, 0); ck.ColorSpaceHighValue = test.ToArgb(); ck.ColorSpaceLowValue = test.ToArgb(); samus.SetColorKey(ColorKeyFlags.SourceDraw, ck); back.ColorFill(Color.Aqua); Color test; ColorKey ck; test = Color.FromArgb(0, 0, 0); ck.ColorSpaceHighValue = test.ToArgb(); ck.ColorSpaceLowValue = test.ToArgb(); //ck = Color.Black; back.SetColorKey(ColorKeyFlags.SourceDraw, ck); // Draw the title to the back buffer using source copy blit back.DrawFast(320, 240, samus, frames[currentframe], DrawFastFlags.DoNotWait);
  8. psychotomus

    wanting to build small console system

    how about something like this then: http://thehouseofcards.com/handheld.html ?
  9. anyone know how to build a small console system? I want to build a small handheld console system that can play flash games
  10. http://gobase.org/studying/articles/elo/ im confused about the elo difference. what if the difference is 30 or 150? so I round to nearest elo difference or is there some formula to calculate the elo difference?
  11. psychotomus

    rating system

    I am looking for a rating system for a 1v1 player game.
  12. psychotomus

    MMORPG troubles

    I took my link offline due to the fact I fixed the problem. It was with GetAnsycKey or however you spell it. It was moving both chars due to the fact i had 2clients running so I had to add GetActiveWindow.
  13. psychotomus

    MMORPG troubles

    After I log multiple people in. All users move together. ex: I move my character and all other characters on the screen move same way my character does. coded in VB6 DirectX8.1 http://www.po2upload.com/uploads/2Po2%20World%20Editor.zip 5MB file.
  14. psychotomus


    one last question. how do you include the directx librarys?
  15. psychotomus


    im seeking DX8.1 tutorials such as these http://directx4vb.vbgamer.com/DirectX4VB/TUT_DX8Start.asp for C++
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