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  1. GameWrite

    Project Hidden

    It is published and I actually have the option to 'unpublish' but it still remains as "project hidden".
  2. Greets. My project is listed as hidden and available options to edit are missing. Please advise.
  3. GameWrite

    The importance of story before developement

    In my opinion, as generations pass very few pay attention to the intricate details of a story or background. They just want to jump to the action or the kill as it were.
  4. GameWrite

    Screen capturing software

    I think the default game recording bar in Windows 10 does a good job.
  5. GameWrite

    Need some advise on main character

    I like it. I think a nice addition would be to have the red visor in front be slightly transparent so you can see the outline of a face. That would give it 'life'.
  6. GameWrite

    Wizard Character Model

    Really nice work. How long does it take to make a 3d figure like that from start to finish?
  7. Greets all. I am a parent of 3 on the autism spectrum, an old school Dungeon Master and the developer behind Ruler of Kings II Text RPG or ROK II for short which is a text based RPG that gives you the feel like you are around a tabletop with detailed character building while writing your own fantasy novel. Nothing to install or download. You can play on your mobile or PC. Those who are blind or deaf have said it accommodates them very well. There is a channel that has many descriptions: Ruler Of Kings - YouTube
  8. GameWrite

    ROK II

    Ruler of Kings II is a text based RPG that has a familiar theme to those adventure books where you made a choice and saw the outcome. However, it is far more detailed than that as it is not linear and can be played at anytime. There is quite a selection of videos on the game at the ROK II Youtube channel: Ruler Of Kings - YouTube
  9. GameWrite

    ROK II

    Album for ROK II
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