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  1. with what I've done closer is a darker hue, and a good portion of stuff obtains a value from the previous group, pretty much just adding more texture lines Is there something incorrect in that spot? Are you missing a diagonal viewpoint in 3d? overlapping? Also when switch from going towards the planet to looking horizontal on the planet the entire depth group would be off (one spot would get real small while another gets bolder, would be the correct pattern), There's not too much you can fit horizontally as well compared to looking down on
  2. ^wasn't suppose to be inside the quote and wont let me change the quote
  3. tolazytbh

    2d rendering?

    I seriously thought it was bullshit that 2-3 colors at the correct darkness (equal) apart does a line and you can't do It direct And then using triangles half's your resolution in the end ^ I have a bunch of stuff from several screens on my own electronics or previous monitors with DPI and I just wanted to be direct with what i'm putting on the screen
  4. tolazytbh

    2d rendering?

    what the f happened to my text there
  5. tolazytbh

    2d rendering?

    https://www.electronicdesign.com/communications/what-s-difference-between-hdmi-and-displayport "Video is transferred as 24-bit pixels in synchronization with a separate clock channel. Ten bits are transferred per pixel clock period. The standard supports up to 48 bits of pixel data. Pixel clock rates can be any value within the 25-MHz to 340-MHz range. This allows 720p and 1080p resolution video with a 60-Hz refresh rate to be accommodated. The overall maximum possible composite data rate is 10.46 Gbits/s." Sounds pretty close to what I said above looks like it's sending the pixel color only then 10 pixels afterwords
  6. tolazytbh

    2d rendering?

    I was thinking I'd have to program the GPU myself or write my own engine to, I had watched a couple videos about making your own graphics card and the protocol is there's a horizontal scanline and a vertical scan line and you have to delay a couple of things before you write and you can't send anything faster than the monitor can handle otherwise you'd fry/break the monitor (for example mine I can't send anything faster than 60 frames a second (60 hz)) but through that method you send exact coordinates for the pixels and then the color. It just feels a lot more organized to me, and plus I have my own method for handling depth (for example a dungeon/underground map in a game) EDIT: Also if you were to only were to use 300x300 pixels on the screen you'd have to be able to send the entire screen anyways (have the rest send a blank pixel). I'd assume that's what is at the core of the GPU
  7. tolazytbh

    2d rendering?

  8. tolazytbh

    2d rendering?

    I'm pretty sure you can display stuff without using triangles
  9. tolazytbh

    2d rendering?

    Well either way I have to write the Object/animations from the ram to the GPU, and I had mentioned above that I'd use the GPU for addition/subtraction (shader) but I want to use 2d (pixel coordinate, and then pixel color) instead of using vertex/triangles pretty much write to GPU the pixel, it's coordinate and color, and then i'd just shift it if there's shade... I thought it was ridiculous going to 3 different game engine's, 3d engines and they all require you to build the area as a geometrical pattern/3d and no methods to do that yourself (vulkan, direct3d, openGl) Also right now it seems like I got 4 operations on the CPU before i'm at 120 frames per seconds (2 milliseconds, 4 milliseconds, 6 milliseconds) and that's before I multithreaded it (can't write to the screen that fast though without the GPU) Anything you can provide about sending 2d images with a framerate, (I don't know if video players do that or if they use vertex's as well) or if you have your own rasterization method and you want to just handle the coordinates yourself
  10. tolazytbh

    2d rendering?

    I had done some looking into how a monitor is displayed (what is sent to a monitor) and there's a scan line and a frame rate associated with that I'm pretty efficient on what I need to display the graphics, positioning the screen takes 2 milliseconds, after that all I have to do is + or - a few things for depth or shade, one loop through None of the graphic engines have anything direct, use geometrical shapes and it'll convert (rasterize) it to pixel coordinates. which I have mine already rasterized
  11. tolazytbh

    2d rendering?

    Sort of, I want full control over the pixels on the screen instead of doing some triangle or 3d shape on the screen and then doing a texture over it. (I have a much better method at doing depth) Yesterday I was going through a couple of things and the only thing I've found so far is someone loading a texture and keeping the z coordinate 0 I wouldn't mine anything you could give that would help, right now i'm pretty much at i'm going to have to do some sort of engine on my own and get into working with DLLs and some system language (after going through things like vulkan/direct3d/opengl) Also I don't really need too much of the GPU processing that those provide, maybe a shader and a +- for depth (mainly) rendering is all I'd benefit from that besides the screen writing
  12. tolazytbh

    2d rendering?

    I can't write to the screen fast enough without the GPU (to keep up with the loading time) and using triangles really makes me feel like I'm getting scammed on what I already have Also does anyone know what I should use if I want to include a video player as well?
  13. tolazytbh

    2d rendering?

    I'm currently working on a game engine, and I have the software side entirely done and it's sitting at 500 frames per second on loading a frame for the screen, but right now I don't know what I should use to load it onto the screen I had tried direct3d and after I had implemented it everything is using a vertex/triangle group and I want to load everything as a 2d image (already rasterized) and I can't seem to find anything on direct3d that doesn't have to do with triangles... I can't write to the screen fast enough without the GPU (to keep up with the loading time) and using triangles really makes me feel like I'm getting scammed with what I already have (in the end it's still just sending a coordinate and color to the screen (pixel))
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