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  1. Phantonix

    Drawing for a 3D game

    Thanks for the thorough response! I'll check out these 3D modeling styles then, and learn it as I go I'm trying not to burn out while having ideas too far out of reach, I'm trying to stay realistic lol. With a part-time job now, I can only focus on this while I have free time. Can you recommend tutorials that cover these topics, or are YouTube Blender tutorials suffice?
  2. Phantonix

    Drawing for a 3D game

    Hello all, My question is about creating the art/character design of a 3D game. Now, what if you absolutely s*ck at drawing? Do you need to know how to draw to make good-looking games? I mean, imagine that the whole level and the terrain and every stuff in your imagined game is in your head, but you just can't draw it out even if you wanted to, because you don't have the hand skills to do that. In that case, do you outsource it to a game artist? But then again, that person probably doesn't know what exactly are you trying to accomplish, and the end result will look nothing like what it should look, so that's likely a moot point as well. And I don't know how common it is to buy and/or re-use art assets, either in Unity or Unreal, but I hear that's pretty costly lol. So if you aren't naturally good at drawing, should you first learn to draw better, or is it a bit easier when you use a 3D graphics program, like Blender? Does that make it easier, or is it just ridiculously hard for people without art talent? Thanks for reading, and I appreciate every feedback I get!
  3. Hi everyone. As you can probably tell by the topic title, I'm a beginner game developer, and I have a question about a specific game that I want to create. It would be a first-person survival horror game, a mix of Outlast and Slenderman, with the same simple objective of "a figure chasing my character and my character have to escape by completing tasks and eventually getting out... or not.". I want the game to look realistic(the main "villain" especially), like in Outlast or if I can give another example, a latest horror game called "Silver Chains". I know that the "scariness factor" doesn't quite come from the graphics(it's an important part IMO, but ofc Corpse Party is a great horror game too), and this is what my question is about. Can I pull off a game like that, as an one-man team, with the Unity3D game engine? Or to make a survival horror game like that, do I absolutely need a more robust engine, like Unreal Engine 4? I know that first I should get experience in both, but I can't decide which engine should I focus on primarily, if creating this is my end goal. I have some prior knowledge of C#, which Unity uses. I've read up on C++, but the more I get into it, the more confused I get, so I know C++ requires a lot more grit. And I know you can make beautiful indie games with Unity too, but I have doubts that it would be able to handle that much detail in a fast-paced, dark environment. Sorry if this is a noob question, I am a noob after all, trying to see things clearer. Thanks for reading this and I'd greatly appreciate if you shared your thoughts!
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