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  1. Timeline Games

    Devlog #3

    Hi everyone, This week I finished play testing the Region 2 Boss, as well as the entire third region, including the boss. This was relatively easy because most of the coding for the new mechanics in Region 3 were not changed. The hardest part of the testing was the Region 3 boss, which had a unique glitch of going at high speed and firing at a speed of a mini gun when the boss got below 10 health. That was pretty funny, and also a bit of a pain to fix. Next week I plan on working on playtesting the entirety of Region 4. Also, I am going to be gone next weekend, so I shall make the devlog on either Thursday or Friday. Have a great day, Buttercreeper6
  2. Timeline Games

    Slime Wars

    Slime Wars is a retro 2D platformer that is currently in development. You fight through 6 regions. Each region will have small changes on the enemies you fight, like higher damage or you can't see the enemy until you get within a reasonable distance. Each region a have 5 levels and 1 "Boss Level", which is a small level before a boss. The game will release on October 21,2019. If your really excited to try the game out I have a, if buggy, fun and expansive beta that can be played. Also: the game is free, so why not try it? Story: On the far off planet of Mundan their lives a once peaceful race of slime at came in a variety of colors. The one to rule this world was the Rainbow Tribe. They built their civilization on the principle of unity and peace, and so it was. Until a fateful day where the different tribes began to release that the planet was running out of resources, a council of the tribes was called to see what to do next. Most of the tribes, headed by the Rainbow Tribe, wanted to take their warships and take over new planets for their resources. Others, like the Green Tribe, wanted to try and salvage Mundan and grow from there. This dispute cause what was forever known as the Slime Wars. To keep the loyalty of the tribes aligned to them, the Rainbow Tribe appointed generals the where loyal to them only. They conquered all the tribes that dared think differently, all but the Green Tribe. The fighting though, made the planet unsalvageable, making finding another planet the only option. You, a member of the green tribe, must take over the "Royal" and free the other tribes and convince them to follow your plans of finding a fresh planet, one with no sentient life. Will you save the galaxy? Or will countless planets be forever covered in slime?
  3. Timeline Games

    Devlog #2

    Hi everyone, This week in development I finished play testing most of region 2, minus the boss level, due to that level getting very messed up due to the changes to the game that have been made since I made it ( like 2 years ago ). This week I am hoping to finish fixing the boss level and Region 3, though I do not know if this will be completely possible ( we shall see ). Have a great day, Buttercreeper6
  4. Timeline Games

    A genre changing bug

    Hi everyone, This was a bug that I had a few years back during early development of my first game, a 2d platformer called Slime Wars. I was just learning how to code and make games and I was trying to figure out how to prevent the player from infinitely jumping. What I was going was I was trying to have a empty game object detect another game object that was classified as ground, as for a while it was not working. When i say a while, I mean 2 months. I then decided to say screw it and I started to turn the game in a competitive 2d arena game. A month passes and when making that version of the game I fix the bug that was causing the infinity jump glitch and screwed with all the work on that version of the game. Luckily I still had a saved version of the platformer variant, so I went back to that. So, to sum up the story, I had a bug that had me change the game genre twice!! Have a good day, Buttercreeper6
  5. Timeline Games

    Choose a game genre by spining a wheel?

    I do like the idea, but if you want this for the central mechanic and you don't plan on doing it on a sort of board system ( like mario party ) I feel like the player should have some influence over the options on the wheel, so the player could play something they might really want to play. Of course they don't have to pick every option, but they could pick a theme and then the wheel generates mini games based on that theme ( options for themes could also be randomized i guess, like you have only 3 options at a time ) But ... that's just my option,I do feel like you should try and experiment with this premise to see what you come up with.
  6. Timeline Games

    Devlog #1

    Hi everyone, This week I continued to work on doing the final round of bug fixing for all the levels, this week I finished the first Region and the first 2 levels on the second region. I plan on finishing the second region and be on the third region on next week. I have still trying to market the game at the same time, which is going … ok I think. To be honest in this department I have no idea what I am doing, so I hope I'm doing it ok. Have a great day, Buttercreeper6
  7. Timeline Games

    Slime Wars

    Album for Slime Wars
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