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  1. thanks for the help, now I understand how to sync Client-Server when the game start, based on your explanation what I did is: tickOffset = Math.floor((latency/2 * 0.06)+5); where: Latency/2 = one-half round-trip-time. 0.06 tick = 1 ms. +5 = offset 1 + buffer + server processing time. (it depends on the server how long it takes to process an input) example: 60 / 2 * 0.06 + 5 = 6.8 ticks and Math.floor round it to 6 ticks. its working pretty good.
  2. thanks, it's much clear now, I was following www.gabrielgambetta.com/entity-interpolation and I make 100ms buffer which is 6 tick and 60 fps. when you said compute "Sc - Ss" and re-derive its offset so that the difference is about 1, does it mean that the client needs to be ahead 1 tick after re-derive its offset?
  3. hello, I think this is my first post, sorry for my English, I have some question regarding tick sync, I've been reading a lot about the topic here but I still kinda lost, thanks for helping me. let's say. there are 2 clients or more, they run ahead of the server sending packet to server 60 fps. each client has a different Latency. the server receives packets at different times due to the latency of each client. Questions: I understand when the client connects to the server we need to sync the client tick with server tick depending on client latency but what are the steps to accomplish that? for example "Client A" is at tick 20 with ping = 85, send a packet to the server and received it at tick 10 + Latency, then there is "Client B" at tick 20 but with a ping = 120 so server received it at different tick number because they have different latency values, but they sent the packet at the same real-time, but server will receive the packet at different tick number, how do I calculate the offset depending on the client so every client are running same tick with the server?
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