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  1. Good day. I have never composed anything inspired by Mapuche music, but I have composed inspired by the northern indigenous towns (Aimara, Quechua). This is a sample of Andean music, inspired by the traditions of these people: Different ethnic music traditions are one of my interests, but I never studied Mapuche ritual music. Here's a different sample where I used Persian instruments for a Prince of Persia cover: https://youtu.be/yeL6pHQsB1c Greetings.
  2. Looks interesting. I'm a music composer from Chile, I'll link some of my works, maybe I can work for you on this: https://vgcomposer.itch.io https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/audio/music/action-rpg-music-free-85434 https://twitter.com/vg_composer
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