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  1. I see. It will increment the counter when append is called and decrement the counter when consume is called.So, in my case, I have 256 particles. Every particle is a structure of 36 bytes. I have two UAVs associated to the append and consume structures. I don't get any error, but it doesn't produce anything either. Meaning, either append is not appending or consume is not getting the data from the application. I have attached the files. Week8-3-ParticleAddCSApp.cpp ParticleAdd.hlsl
  2. Thanks SoldierOfLight! "static const" did the trick and I am not getting that error any more. Regarding descriptors, I was able to use append/consume using root UAVs. The same code that I attached originally worked fine. Where does it say that we can't use append/consume buffers from root UAVs.
  3. I do not have a CBV, but it looks like I am forgetting to bind a CBV. I am getting this error: D3D12 ERROR: ID3D12Device::CreateComputePipelineState: Root Signature doesn't match Compute Shader: Shader CBV descriptor range (BaseShaderRegister=0, NumDescriptors=1, RegisterSpace=0) is not fully bound in root signature [ STATE_CREATION ERROR #882: CREATECOMPUTEPIPELINESTATE_CS_ROOT_SIGNATURE_MISMATCH] the hlsl is very small..it's just add to a particle system ParticleAdd.hlsl Week8-2-ParticleAddCSApp.cpp
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