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  1. I'm happy to announce my 3rd Android game (but the first one that uses libGDX): Brick Mania. It took 90 hours to make it: 56 hours of coding + 17 hours for preparing levels + 12 hours UX work (assets, screenshots & video) + 5 hours for Play Store process and other small things. LibGDX is used for the actual world screen, but is wrapped into some standard Android activities. Text (in dialogs, info bars, etc) is in native code everywhere. Same as with my previous games, this one is also free (though with an option to support the developer this time, wanted to try Billing library ;)) & without ads. Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.countrymania.brick Video: Enjoy and let me know what you think.
  2. Rimas

    Brick Mania

    Inspired by the classic Atari Breakout arcade but with a twist: 4 different types of power-ups make the progress much faster by rapidly increasing the number of balls you control.Available power-ups:• +3: Fires 3 additional balls from the paddle.• x3: Multiplies each ball to three balls.• Wall: Covers the bottom of the screen for 5 seconds. You still need to collect the power-ups with the paddle though.• Heart: Gives one extra life (❤️).You also need to collect stars (⭐). 3 stars are dropped in each level. Stars can also be used to buy power-ups (bottom-left corner of the screen) for difficult levels.Available universes:- Easy: Relax and have fun. 🎉- Dense: 4 times more bricks! 🧱- Hard: Good luck there, pal! 🔥 Play Store link Video
  3. Rimas

    Brick Mania

    Album for Brick Mania
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