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  1. I'm at the point of starting out creating my own game engine. The one thing I tell people about open source is: it's great for businesses, it's CRAP for the developers. First, there is the quote above: You've put your blood, sweat, and tears into this for a WHILE, and to have a bunch of people from who knows where come in and alter your source code for anything other than the most obvious of bugs is completely frustrating. They don't share your vision for your game engine, but rather have their ideas of how a game engine should operate and can easily hijack your work. Second, and this is something my current employer does prolifically, Epic or Unity will look at your stuff, decide, "GalaticCrew has some great ideas in his game engine, let's take them." They incorporate your open source code into their game engine, and since they didn't alter it, have no need to return anything to your project. You spent that 1K hours to avoid other game engines, and now those same game engines are using your innovations in their product for the grand total cost of near zero time and zero dollars. They aren't paying you for your work, but they're certainly going to use it if you do anything truly innovative. Meanwhile: People who are only using UE or Unity, and have no real clue the difficulties and intricacies of game engines ask you dumb AF questions like these, and make BS comments like these! Dude, you're not crazy, you're fkn genius level intelligent and the people in this MeetUp either recognize that you're more intelligent and skilled than they are, or they're not decent enough programmers to understand the pure power you possess by being able to create a game engine rather than just a game. I went to one GameDev MeetUp near where I live, and got pretty much the same reaction when I told them my plan to create a game engine. I never went back to that meet up. The majority were young children that were, for the most part, artists that didn't have a clue about programming, with a few older guys looking to trick a bunch of young kids into developing their games for them and pay nothing. I think you already read the correct idea, even though there are a few pages of responses: Work on your games in an "established" game engine, if possible, while you are simultaneously improving your own game engine. You're basically making games to get paid while you're in the process of having your game engine catch up to the ones around you. Then, when you're ready, cross over and use only your game engine to develop games with. Remember that you are a professional game developer now, even though you're on your own. You need to be able to pay your bills, and you can't afford to do that without having an income. If this is the way you want to make your way, by developing games, then do it that way. My choice is to continue working on the game engine at night and work my day job during the day, then when the game engine is set to my liking, start making games with it. That plan may change if, for whatever reason, I lose my current job, but I don't feel that will be the case. Good luck. Godspeed. All the best in all you do while staying true!
  2. OsirisAnkh0716

    game engine development

    The way I read the OP's post, he wants to develop a game engine that is artist-centric, basically attempting to eliminate the need for programmers. Unfortunately, that is a topic called "automatic/automated programming", and is very much in it's infancy as a research topic. I suspect the OP has nothing other than an idea to have a bunch of programmers create the engine so he and his artist friends can develop a game without all that nasty, "hard", programming stuff. 🧐
  3. OsirisAnkh0716

    Doing AStar Pathing Finding In Threads

    As a former professor of CS focusing on AI, I would tell a student to implement this exact solution. I would then state that the information for the independently created paths should be copied back into the main map. One of the "gotchas" for an implementation like this would be states that would alter the pathways. Colliding with other members, or changes in the state of the map, such as doors opening or closing, "cave-ins" or other map restructuring are among the issues you would need to deal with when copying map chunks to the individual entities to pathfind through. To solve that quandary, you would need some type of alert, callback, or other signaling method from the main thread to your pathfinding threads that will alert the pathfinding threads of possible map changes. A number of other things to think about exist, but DeadStack's solution is where you should start.
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