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  1. Ovva Games

    Concept arts from Between Realms

    Hello! Please check out some new stuff from Between Realms. This game incorporates not only 3D graphics, but also some comic book style 2D animations. On this picture you can see the 2D drawing of our main heroine, Eve Rise (here she is much younger than in the game, because it’s a flashback scene). Art is created by Nina Sidorenko. Do you like it? Eve and the whole game are now on the contest. If you don’t mind, please, support this beautiful girl by liking our contest page.
  2. Hello! Please check out gameplay trailer of upcoming third person action/adventure game by Ukraine-based indie studio Ovva Games. What are your thoughts about game's graphics and mechanics?
  3. Hello! We are Ovva Games, Ukraininan indie development team working on a new sci-fi video game Between Realms. This is the third person action/adventure game, where you play as Eve Rise, the scientist who finds herself in a whirl of strange and dangerous circumstances during the investigation of events, related to her mysterious brother Samuel. (click to enlarge) We’re excited to present the concept art of Eve and would like to know your opinion about this art and the heroine. Do you like the overall style we picked and the girl herself? Does this character evoke a wish to play as her? By the way, right now our game participates in the indie developers contest organized by Epic Games and the entertainment web portal Disgusting Men. So, if you like our stuff, you can support us by liking our contest page Thanks for your attention!
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