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  1. How about this…please bare with me as I am typing while thinking this up… Remember the old game where you and your (human) opponent had an artillery piece. The goal was to fire a shell and hit the opponent’s gun. The process was complicated by: a) You had to adjust the guns firing angle and the amount of “powder” b) Wind – shots are fired in turns and for each turn the wind strength change meaning that you always have to adjust firing angle and power. c) Terrain – the terrain is also an obstacle as your shell might hit a tree or a hill. The terrain and hill are randomly generated for each match. Now… for this game, lets call it Panzermench… Panzermench is a player vs. player game. On each side of the screen you and your opponent has a Big Gun. The gun is protected by three forcefields. Your objective is to knock out the enemy gun. To aid you, your own gun have two firing modes. The first is a Panzermench Catapult. Use it to lob small armoured soldiers. You lob them into the air and when they land they run towards the enemy gun. If they manage to reach a shield, it will be destroyed. When all three enemy shields are destroyed they will blow up the enemy gun. Your secondary firing mode is a machine gun. Use the machine gun to shoot down enemy incoming soldiers. Controls: Moving the mouse upwards and downwards aims the gun. Right mouse button: Lob soldiers. The longer you hold down the button, the longer the soldier will be fired. Left mouse button: Fire machinegun – press down to fire a stream bullets in a straight trajectory Simple? Alright here comes the “deep gameplay” – Each soldier has 100 health. The further you lob your soldiers the more health he will lose on impact. Firing the soldier all over the battlefield, next to the enemy gun will definitely kill the poor zap. The reload speed of your Catapult depends on the power you used for the last shot. For full power 6 seconds, 50% power = 3 seconds. The catapult can never fire faster than 1 soldier / second. The Machinegun – the machinegun holds 20 bullets. Its rate of fire is 1 bullet per 0.5 seconds. After 20 bullets has been fired it must be reloaded (automatically), this takes 2 seconds. During reload neither machinegun or catapult can be fired. Each machinegun bullet damages 10 health – the bullet should traverse pretty fast but slow enough to require the player to aim ahead of the enemy soldiers. Panzermench running speed – it should take approximately 10 seconds for a soldier to run from the middle of the screen to the enemy gun. Wind direction changes throughout the game, say every 3 seconds. The wind speed should be randomized and slowly climb and rise. It’s the Murphy factor that sometimes makes that great shot lob the Panzermench a little to far and have him die from the impact. Terrain – rolling hills. For the first draft no special terrain objects should be necessary. The fun aspect comes from shooting down and lobbing your own panzermench. When the gameplay is solid, effects of terrain could be implemented. GUI The whole battlefield should be visible on the screen with each gun and its remaining shields on each side. The wind should be represented by flowing leaves, clouds and other debris. Ammo counter for the machinegun Power-meter for the catapult Remaining shields are displayed as game art Wind-meter – the direction and the strength of the wind Closing comments… Panzermench is obviously a multiplayer game and would probably be require network code. For a simpler version the mouse controls can be switched to keyboard only to facilitate two players on the same computer. Player 1 uses: W/S for gun elevation, Q to lob soldiers and E to fire machinegun. Player 2 uses the numpad: 8/5 gun elevation, 7 lob soldiers and 9 to fire machinegun. .Grimjack
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