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  1. [Seeking a composer/producer and SFX artist for indie RPG project] [Volunteer/Rev-Share] A big hello to the GameDev.net community. I'm Daniel, part of the Eternal Wars audio team. Eternal Wars is an upcoming indie RPG and our team is looking for an additional composer and an SFX artist for our the project. Currently all work will be volunteer, with the possibility of revenue sharing as the project progresses. Project details - Unreal Engine 4, using UE4's sound engine. - twitter: https://twitter.com/Eternal__Wars - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eternal-Wars-101003954654046/ Composer/Producer - Work capably in orchestral/cinematic styles. - Able to produce and mix their own work. - Interested in collaborating with other composers and sound designers in the audio team. - Able to produce approximately 2 minutes of music weekly. pluses - Have some idea of vertical layering composition techniques. - Have some knowledge of theory and musical form. SFX Designer - Must be able to design interesting and dynamic sounds. - Work quickly an efficiently, producing assets for implementation. - Comfortable working in a collaborative environment pluses - Have some access to sound recording equipment for custom recording. - Have some knowledge of Unreal Engine's audio system. If you're interested, contact Daniel Bailey with examples of your work. - e-mail: djbaileymusic@gmail.com - twitter: @djbaileymusic - Discord: DJ.Bailey#6628 I'm looking forward to meeting you, listening and discussing your creative powers! Talk to you soon, Daniel Eternal Wars Audio Team.
  2. Hi Horror Man, I'm a composer and sound designer with a love for horror! I had a look at your gamejolt site and love the look of the project. I'll get a hold of you on Discord and send some links to some sample work I've done in the past. In the meantime I've attached a couple of simple SFX and some Background effects. BGE_LOOP_Sea of Souls.mp3 BGE_LOOP_Uneasiness 3.mp3 SFX_Ordinary_Breaking Glass 1.0.mp3 SFX_Supernatual_Insect Menace.mp3 SFX_WHISPER_Here for You.mp3
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