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  1. Thank you all for your help!
  2. Thanks, I will try it. But if you can show me an example it will be great, because I don't know so good d3d12
  3. Sorry, I meant creating a texture array in the code:)
  4. Good day. I am find for information on how to create texture arrays in d3d12. In d3d11, I calmly figured out how to create a texture array from several textures: I upload several dds - textures of the same resolution in the engine I create ID3D11Texture2D* and map date into it all loaded textures in shader I use texture2darray in pixel shader: Texture2DArray textures : register(t0); Now I am looking for something like that for d3d12. For load the textures, I use DDSTextureLoader.h/.cpp from microsoft. So I'm loading a few textures. How can I create a texture array from them and pass it to a pixel shader? I will be glad to some example. Thank. PS: I searched the forum, but I didn’t find anything.
  5. Range

    Resize window in D3D12

    Thank you! I constructed the following procedure: void flushGpu() { for (int i = 0; i < frameBufferCount; i++) { uint64_t fenceValueForSignal = ++fenceValue[i]; commandQueue->Signal(fence[i].Get(), fenceValueForSignal); if (fence[i]->GetCompletedValue() < fenceValue[i]) { fence[i]->SetEventOnCompletion(fenceValueForSignal, fenceEvent); WaitForSingleObject(fenceEvent, INFINITE); } } frameIndex = 0; } I call it before resizing, and the error is gone.
  6. Range

    Resize window in D3D12

    Sorry, I do not quite understand. I call the WaitForPreviousFrame procedure before resizing - waiting for the frame to finish, however, the error remains. Please tell us in more detail where exactly I am mistaken
  7. Hello! I am trying to implement the d3d12 window resizing function. First, I delete all the buffers referenced by SwapChain, and then run SwapChain :: ResizeBuffers. At this point I get the error: This is the code of the procedure for changing sizes of window: I put together a minimal self sufficient example for modeling the problem that described above: Tell me how to fix this problem. P.S.: I set my RTV names and text error replace: RTV number is always random.
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