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  1. Hi all! We're very pleased to share with you our work in progress/labor of love, a little visual novel called Uncle Merton & Baby Virgle. Check it out (free) if it's something you think might be interesting, every bit of feedback is very much appreciated. You can download it (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android) here:
  2. LoLVesparum

    Uncle Merton & Baby Virgle

    The year 1991 Aliens are here Megacorporations reign Religion is science Magick is real Cyberspace is the place Conspiracies are true Life is good -------------------------------------- You are Merton Jones, a regular office drone working at Blande & Blande Generic Consulting Services. Do not worry: everything is under control and this will be a day just like any other. Every day will be alike, until death brings you sweet release. Please wash your hands, remain calm and do your job as usual. Interacting with your soulcrushing corporate environment is easy: Left Click/Tap to advance/select options and Right Click/Two Finger Tap to call out the game menu. SOUNDTRACK 公子夢 『トワイライト』 MemorabiliaFutura by Dystopian Chic / https://soundcloud.com/funk-noir / CC-BY-3.0 Intructions Just unzip and take a gander at an alternate 1991. You must enable the option to allow installation from unknown sources for the Android version. Note: If you are using a Nintendo Switch controller, please disconnect it or shut down Steam before playing, as it interferes with the game. The issue may also occur with other console controllers, but we have been unable to test it.
  3. LoLVesparum

    Chapter One Released

    Excited to announce that the first chapter of our free visual novel, Uncle Merton & Baby Virgle is out! Check it out, feedback appreciated!
  4. LoLVesparum


    Album for teste
  5. LoLVesparum

    Uncle Merton & Baby Virgle

    Album for Uncle Merton & Baby Virgle
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