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  1. Klimtachakka

    Gameplay Just another space shooter

    Thankyou for trying and thanks for the feedback !
  2. Klimtachakka

    Gameplay Just another space shooter

    Here is a small video of gameplay
  3. Klimtachakka

    Gameplay Just another space shooter

    If you could take your time and hit F12 and screenshot the information in the console I would be forever grateful. Yes it is kind of CPU intensive... I will try to record a video of it and post a link to that. Thank you for trying. There are some things you could turn off in options/gfx (set everything to off, it will not look as good but it should run better on a slower system)
  4. Klimtachakka

    Gameplay Just another space shooter

    Am I in the wrong forum for this kind of subject or is it just a crappy game? Any feedback, good or bad, would be apreciated.
  5. So about a year ago I started this project. Been working on it from time to time. I just wanted to know what you guys think about it. Still some things missing like proper audio and the fact the game has no real purpose, it's just a sandbox. Work's best on PC/chrome. (does not work at all on mobile/touch devices) If you wan't to try it out: THE GAME
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