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  1. Thank you really much! But another question is: Does it help if we want to make this game free to play? And is it enough to call our character too similar? (Right one is our, left one is original) Greetings!
  2. Hello! So, i was working with a group of people on fan-game project, but it turned into really advanced game. We decided to release it as official game. But it's highly inspired by Danganronpa series: - Gameplay is identical - Characters are really similar (Monokuma -> Mononeko, Monoraion, 16 students with "ultimate" talents (few talents are identical, but characters are different)) - Plot is really similar - All of the assets are created by our team. Is it legal to publish game like this on popular game platforms, like steam? Another question is: Our team is a group of people from different countries (Poland, America, Australia) and few of them are underage and we aren't an official game studio. Is it okay to release game like this? Thank you and greetings! P.S. Sorry for my poor english, it's not my native language!
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