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  1. scipiox64

    'Play From Zero' Development Philosophy

    Thank you for sharing this. As a 0 experience newbie trying to self learn, I really appreciate this conversation. This really gets the gears turning on how to pump out effective content, efficiently. I was actually just reading an article on procedural generation, and the author shares very similar insight. If you came to this conclusion on your own, damn, looks like I need to work on my self discipline! https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/340190/How_to_effectively_use_procedural_generation_in_games.php
  2. Sorry I guess the hyperlink didn't go through? https://www.gamedevs.org/uploads/three-states-plan-ai-of-fear.pdf EDIT: also not sure why I can edit this comment, yet not my original post. Sorry for the double post.
  3. scipiox64

    Programmer Starting team

    Hello. I'm a complete beginner with absolutely 0 experience. Before I continue, I must say right now I am not ready to work on a team, but very soon, a project like what you envision would be absolutely perfect for me (actually for us, great for building a portfolio) I am currently learning C# and the Unity Engine, from what I gather Unity is currently the better platform currently for 2D games (complexity wise). I have a passion for learning and gaming, and have reached a point in my life where I am able to peruse a serious career in game development. I have LOTS of time on my hands, I worked for years to allow my partner to peruse their dreams, since achieving that reality, its my turn now to peruse my dream. I believe I have successfully tackled the motivation and stress parts of learning to program, and summed it up into this sentence: "If your not failing, your not learning". My current path of education is: Learn C# basics through Unity Develop reasonably polished prototypes to practice and cement down certain concepts Practice with the goal of mastering intermediate and advanced C# coding, (starting with advanced RPG mechanics) Learn Unity networking, AI, and other advanced topics. Deploy a game or tech demo that demonstrates intermediate and advanced C# and Unity concepts. Perhaps a complex RPG Eventually move on to C++ and Unreal. To my understanding, the "speed" benefit of C++ over C# is only if you are writing your own engine, or editing an existing one. In terms of gameplay and mechanics, C++ (and unreal engine) will only create stress for beginners, and really demotivate you to learn further. IMHO, from someone who tried to learn C++ and/or Unreal first (unless you become a blueprinter which wont get you very according to job listings), its definitely like trying to learn Advanced Calculus before working your way up from Algebra. TLDR; Who I am: Beginner C# Unity Coder. Passionate, Motivated Self-Learner. Team Player. Someone who doesn't sacrifice quality for speed. Who I am not: Team Leader(this is your project, I'm here to build my skills, portfolio, and do what I love), Graphic Artist, Artist, Sound/Audio, Someone who mindlessly "figures it out along the way" on something without an end goal, and pathway to get there written on paper (this is the responsibility of a Lead). If you find yourself struggling down the line in a few weeks/months, or having issues with your team, or looking for someone like me please contact me here or at scipiox64@gmail.com Best of luck to you!
  4. First, I'm inexperienced, still in the beginning phase of learning C# before I even attempt C++ so excuse my naivety. I was reading some great articles, pitches, and research papers written by AAA game devs who made golden year games around 2002-20011, I found this paper on F.E.A.R's AI system to be quite an interesting read! I was wondering if somebody could give a quick weigh in on how this relevant this is today Thank you for your time. P.S. (check out the Diablo 1 proposal if your bored, that was quite the trip)
  5. scipiox64

    How do you make Windows 10 barely usable?

    While normally I'd agree, under no circumstances is Best Buy's Geek Squad to be underestimated when it comes to bloatware.
  6. scipiox64

    Where to begin

    Hello! Let me start by saying I have 0 experience and have no insight to provide! I am starting my journey by learning C++, I as well am trying to break through the procrastination phase due to work and life. After weeks of research I have concluded the following 3 key points: 1. Do NOT use exceptions in coding 2. Concept a game, it must be heavily documented even if its in spastic notes that only you can read. It will allow you to gather your thoughts into a workload checklist you can tackle one at a time. (or use a service like trello to help self motivate) trying to build and concept simultaneously will double your stress level. 3. Unity is the best engine for 2D, specifically for those who are just starting out, more information available, better tutorials and more support. After you learn I am told its (somewhat) a matter of preference. Again, sorry for the absolutely useless comment, but I just felt the need to say something because WildTangent's Dark Orbit was one of my favorite video games growing up, and as a gamer your idea sounds like something I would love to play, I my self plan to make a rpg similar to superstar saga. I wish you the best of luck
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