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  1. Joey Nigro

    Open Source Whack the Mouse

    Can you finish the list of the cat's weapons to kill the mouse: Fangs and Claws Kitchen Knife Meat Tenderizer Seriously, Stop downvoting my posts.
  2. Joey Nigro

    Open Source Whack the Mouse

    Why would you answer "no"? That's the most trolling answer. This is my favorite song: I'm gonna listen to this violent song until people answer "yes". P.S. This song is exactly as violence as Call of Duty, Mr. Pickles, and Shrink Ray Island P.S. If you can't do it on flash, then you can do it on Unity and put it on Itch.io Let me get something straight. This is the cat and this is the mouse:
  3. Can someone please program a new whacking game. The title of the game is "Whack the Mouse". I made the characters on Pixton. The weapons that are attached to the cat are claws and fangs. Don't forget to add the violence and gore warning. Here are the characters (the cat is the player and the mouse is the one who's getting whacked):
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